Do not disclose my ID please
Ok I’m a girl, now 25, I have this pressing secret that I would like to share, fortunately I have the courage now. Ok in many occassions, many experience their turn of events in campus if not high school. Talking of turn of events I mean our sexual phase of life.
Lemme go straight to the point. There was this friend of mine let me name her (W), she was kind of those best friends that people always wanted to have. She was like a sister. She was dating this dude (X) from another campus, so they would visit each other from time to time. They really loved each other. This was one of the relationships one could describe as soap operas.
The guy was cute, so cute I mean he was damn hot. The obvious, as a bff, I was always present when the guy visited her and I would always wish to have all of him to me 🍆 . But these were uncrossed boundaries I could not make out with him.
There were times we looked at each other seductively.
So it happened that it was my bestie’s birthday and she wanted her guy to come over, get drank and do all shiet together. As usual I was not to miss all of this. So we decided to go clubbing the three of us, “nilikuwa mpenzi mtazamaji” 😢😁
Before the birthday date, my friend kept on reminding me like an alarm, of how she wanted a Birthday sex and all shit.

So at the club we ordered drinks, one glass led to another, one bottle led to two, two led to four, four led to six. We drank heavily that night. Something was fishy, my friend was too drunk to control herself so we were unable to contain her and we were forced out of the club. By the time we reached her apartment, she was knocked off, I guess it was the excess drinking. I helped the guy carry her to her room, she puked all over on us. We were “like really?? 🤨😏😩…

We were left the two of us, me and his guy. As we know alcohol raises sexual pleasure. We winked, licked lips 💋. This urge could not go unsatisfied. One thing led to the other, we stopped seducing each other and switched to REAL MODE. We caressed like for two minutes, wow this guy is a good at foreplay, I think he is a pro massager. We tore clothes and stripped ourselves naked. Still on my friend bed coz we put her on her couch. We fucked right in front of her. This guy was a pro. He gave me the best sex for record those times. He made me cumm 4 times. His dick was not those sizes that leave you with bruises and blisters. I graded his sex game A- 🤤. He performed five different styles on me that night. As if he had been planning and practising on it. I could not imagine I got the birthday sex my friend kept singing in my ears. 👂 . Eventually we got tired but could not fall asleep unless we were willing to be dead AF.
So we spread the sheets, I stole a T-shirt from her closet and left with my torn clothes.

She never knew a thing. We kept in touch with the guy and I could visit him from time to time for DICK and he would deliver.
The reason I revealed this secret is because I feel sorry for betraying my friend not once but more than twice. I hid my their names so as this could not cause a stir up.

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