1 May Trend Report

1. DCIKenyaThankYou – KOT have been celebrating DCI Kenya after it emerged second in a competition organized by Sumuri, an American company. Though DCI Kenya came in second, it was given an award because of the support that they received from Kenyans. KOT have particularly been praising Kinoti, saying that his reign at the DCI has helped it rise to an institution that can receive such an award. They have also called on the DCI, in exchange for the love that they have been shown by Kenyans, to ensure that the institution does the best for Kenyans and that it resists the influence of corruption. Some KOT have called on the DCI to bring to a close such cases as those of Msando and Yebei.


2. Diana – KOT have really been on Diana’s case. They have unearthed her photos from years ago. Based on these photos, KOT think she has had multiple relationships and that this one with Bahati may not be the last. According to the photos, she had another family, with kids, before she met Bahati. KOT have very kindly advised Bahati not to brag too much about Diana because he may very soon be replaced. Some girls on twitter have condemned Diana, saying that she is leading her family astray. The latest evidence of this is her agreeing to have a photo taken in which she carries Bahati on her back like a baby and is seen handing him a milk bottle.


3. Kawangware – Amid reports by Citizen that Kawangware is the Wuhan of Nairobi, the Ministry of Health embarked on mass testing in Kawangware. However, there was drama as Kawangware residents refused to be tested because they were hungry. Also, according to KOT, Kawangware residents have been under lock down and have not been travelling. It is therefore absurd to declare the area a hotspot.

4. CS Mutahi – CS Mutahi is still in the bad books of most KOT. They are ridiculing his use of PowerPoint in his presentation today and are determined to continue in their belief that he is complicit in the looting of funds at the Ministry of Health. The CS is however determined to vindicate himself. He has denied claims of corruption at the Ministry of Health, blaming propagandists who are feeding on the recent trend of pessimism in the public. He has promised to give a detailed account of how finances have been spent in the ministry. If there is any case of extravagance, the CS has promised to deal with whoever is responsible.


5. Wanjohi – The President has continued to be the object of criticism on twitter. One of the reasons for this is his decision to send flowers to the United Kingdom. KOT are of the opinion that it was a senseless act. In a recent address to the nation, the President urged Kenyans to stop posting nonsense on social media and not to take those who do so seriously.


6. Babu Owino – After the Embakasi MP revised mathematics with KCSE students live on his Facebook page, KOT have been showering him with praise. They have remembered how bright Babu Owino is, including the fact that he graduated with First Class Honors in two degrees. As they have done with Mutahi Kagwe and Hassan Joho, they are saying that he should be president.


7. Madagascar – Madagascar is said to have found the cure for covid-19, made from herbs. The rest of Africans, including KOT are hoping that this drug is working. Those who are waiting for approval from WHO are being heavily criticized. This is in relation with a growing opinion that no vaccines which have originated from the West can be trusted. There are reports that vaccines that have been sponsored by Bill Gates have caused death, infertility and disability in India and Africa. It would therefore be foolish to accept vaccines sponsored by a man who has expressed a desire to regulate the world’s population – that is the prevailing feeling on twitter.


8. Atwoli – As the Labor Day celebrations went down in a totally different way because of the pandemic, Atwoli has continued to be on the receiving end of criticism from KOT. They are adamant in the opinion that Atwoli is not helping laborers in Kenya but is busy pursuing political interests. Most think that he should retire and that he is too old. It seems Atwoli has totally forsaken the interests of workers, as salaries are being slashed and some workers sacked without a notice yet he does nothing to help them.


Trending on Digital News:

1. Kenyans applaud DCI for emerging second in U.S award – The Forensics unit of DCI Kenya emerged 2nd in a competition organized by Sumuri, an American company that deals with high end forensic software. Click here to read more. Standard media

2. Miguna Miguna’s Prophecy on Uhuru’s New KDF General Comes True – Miguna Miguna had prophesied the next KDF General and his prediction has come true. This is in line with Miguna’s opinion that the President’s appointments have not been reflecting the demographics of the country and that some tribes are invariably left out. Click here to read more. Kenyans.co.ke

3. Babu Owino Starts KCSE Revision Classes [VIDEO]. Babu Owino held a live class on his Facebook page in which he was revising mathematics with KCSE students. Click here to read more an watch video. Kenyans.co.ke

4. CS Kagwe Breaks Down Ksh42M Ambulances Expenditure – While addressing the media during the daily Covid-19 briefings at Afya House on Friday, May 1, the CS asserted that the accusations on misappropriation of funds were misguided and lacked a substantive basis. Click here to read more. Kenyans.co.ke

5. Water supply interruption hits Nairobi after Ng’ethu plant shut – Nairobi has announced a two-day water supply interruption following the shutting down of the city’s main water treatment plant. Click here to read more. Nation

6. Joho Installs CCTV Monitor on Phone to Personally Enforce Social Distancing – Mombasa Governor Ali Hassan Joho has stepped up surveillance in the county as to ensure safety measures on Covid-19 are adhered to. Click here to read more. Kenyans.co.ke

7. Over 30 bulldozers storm Ruai as gov’t evicts people from land linked to Ruto – The Ministry of Water and Sanitation had given the residents a 72-hour notice to move out of the land as it sought to expand the Dandora sewage treatment plant. Click here to read more. Tuko

8. 5 smart money moves can net you up to KSh 50k in extra cash every month. Kenyans are constantly seeking out ways to come out ahead with the coronavirus-induced crisis. Here are some smart money moves that can help you earn and save up to KSh 50,000 in extra cash at the end of every month. Click here to read more. Tuko

9. Outrageous bet sees Kisumu Man walk away with Sh818K after staking only Sh3. Mr. Ogutu won Ksh818, 496 on Odibets after placing a bet with Sh3. The mechanic, who hails from Kisumu County, predicted four corners in four different matches on the Odibets’ e-sports platform which comprises FIFA simulated games. Click here to read more. Ghafla

10. ‘Think before you say nonsense,’ Uhuru tells critics of flowers gift to U.K. President Uhuru Kenyatta has defended the move by the Kenya Medical Supplies Authority (KEMSA) to gift health workers from the United Kingdom with bouquets of flowers. Click here to read more. Tuko

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