10 May Public Opinion Report

Tweet of the Day

1. Babu Owino – Babu Owino’s classes have continued to win him overwhelming good will from the public. This is especially after the United Nations and Voice of America recognized his work. Kenyans have taken the outside recognition as further proof that what Babu Owino is doing is excellent and are proud of him. Similar to other guys who have ridden in such huge waves of public approval, like Governor Joho, KOT are now of the definite opinion that Babu is president material. Any past sin has either been forgotten or forgiven.


2. FreeMosesKuria – There were articles reporting the reappearance of Moses Kuria, saying that he had gone into hiding after a senior official ordered his arrest in connection with demonstrations in Kariobangi. On this matter, Kenyans are divided into three groups. The first group is concerned about Kuria’s whereabouts and believe that he might have been abducted by the government and might even turn up dead, Chris Msando style. The second group believes that Kuria had a hand in Msando’s disappearance and that it would only be fair if he ended up dying like Msando did. The third group is certain that the free Moses Kuria campaign is a tactic being used by the Tanga Tanga side and that Kuria is busy enjoying himself somewhere.

3. Mama Otis – Being mothers day, Kenyans took to twitter to celebrate a woman who turns out to be the favorite mother in Kenya, Mama Otis. Mama Otis, a creation of the talented comedian Flaqo, seems to remind Kenyans so much of their real mothers. She is relatable, funny and all in all entertaining and has evidently warmed her way into the hearts of Kenyans. Happy Mothers Day indeed, Mama Otis.


4. M-Pesa – Today was mother’s day and as expected, Kenyans on various social media platforms were celebrating their mothers. However, Kenyans on Twitter were of the opinion that the best way to celebrate mothers is not posting them on social media platforms that most of them don’t use but sending them money through M-Pesa.


5. President Uhuru Kenyatta – The news that the Jubilee Party Leader has called a Parliamentary Group meeting set to take place tomorrow has left Kenyans excited about the results of the meeting. They are expectant, with some looking forward to the ousting of Kipchumba Murkomen as majority leader and the Tanga tanga faithfuls hoping that the BBI ‘nonsense’ will be brought to an end tomorrow. It is expected that Murkomen will be replaced by Gideon Moi as majority leader of the Senate. The intrigue surrounding the Jubilee PG meeting has further been fueled by Itumbi’s tweets.


6. Murathe – The Jubilee Parliamentary Group meeting was called by Murathe, who was thought to have resigned from the party. Some Kenyans are of the opinion that the meeting is fishy since it has been convened through Murathe and that few Jubilee parliamentarians will attend it. Others are convinced that the Jubilee legislators will all attend, much to the humiliation of the Tanga Tanga faction and the jubilation of Murathe. It is the opinion that the meeting will be Murathe’s way of stamping his relevance within the Jubilee party.

7. Ruto – In light of tomorrow’s Jubilee PG meeting, the perceived war between Uhuru and Ruto is expected to take an interesting turn. The debate about Ruto today was fueled in part by Makau Mutua’s article in The Nation, in which he urges Ruto and Uhuru to stop circling and to finally bare their fangs because Kenyans are tired of the never ending power games. Mutua’s article has been interpreted as an attack against Ruto and Ruto supporters have vehemently criticized it. Even with all this going on, the donations that Ruto and Khalwale made to Kenyans in flooded areas are being touted by the Tanga Tanga team as proof of Ruto’s goodness.


8. Neglected Kenyans Return – Kenyans are happy that fellow country men who were being mistreated in China are back. They are however angry because of two issues: One, the government was willing to leave some Kenyans in China because they couldn’t afford their air tickets; it is only because of Sonko that they were able to come home. Second, it appears that they had been told quarantine was free but on getting here, they have to pay a reported fee of sh.4500 in government facilities. This is seen as extortion. Prevailing public opinion is that the government should have evacuated Kenyans in China long ago at zero cost. In all this, Mike Sonko, for sponsoring the repatriation of Kenyans from China, has emerged a hero.


9. Employ Degree Health Care Workers – Young Kenyans are furious at the government for sidelining degree holders in employment. A notice by the Public Service Commission for vacant positions in the ministry of health shows that they only want diploma and certificate holders. This is only the continuation of a worrying trend by government in employment. It is ironic for the government to spend millions to educate people only to ignore them in employment.

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