11 May Public Opinion Report

1. Uhuru Fumigates Jubilee – Following the removal of Murkomen and Susan Kihika from the positions of Majority Leader and Chief Whip respectively, Kenyans were excited to give their opinions. There are 3 major camps: Ruto supporters, Uhuru supporters and NASA supporters. Uhuru supporters are obviously happy about their win and are of the opinion that the disciplining of the Tanga Tanga politicians has been long over due. Ruto supporters are bitter about their loss: Some are nullifying the elections on the basis that majority of the senators did not attend the meeting. Others say that Uhuru has won control of a Senate that is impotent. Moses Kuria has admitted that the Jubilee government did rig the past 2 elections and that Jubilee should not be in power. The NASA camp is even happier than Uhuru supporters; they are rejoicing the fall of Murkomen and Kihika and are very happy that for once they are not on the receiving end of backlash from the powers that be.


2. Samuel Poghisio – Poghisio has been receiving congratulations for his new post as Senate Majority Leader. However, nobody seems to be convinced that he is better than Murkomen in the role. While some view Poghisio as a previously obscure leader who has no real influence in the Senate, others think that he is mature and sober. Those supporting him seem only to be doing so because he serves the best interests of the ruling party. There are some who are not opposed to the Senator himself but think it is a pity that he has allowed himself to be used as a pawn in the game.

3. Ruto – Now that Ruto’s allies have been targeted and are being dealt with, Ruto’s opponennts are bolder than ever. They are convinced that as shown in Jubilee today, Ruto does not have the numbers that he has been claiming to have. However, Ruto supporters have countered this by pointing out that Uhuru had to go for support from KANU, meaning that he really does not have the numbers within the Jubilee coalition. Ruto’s supporters are behind him because they think that he has the numbers as majority of the Kikuyu support him and that he is Wanjiku’s hero in the fight against dynasties. His opponents believe that Ruto will never win because Kikuyus have historically always voted for their own and they are convinced that he is not powerful enough to prevail against the combined power of the dynasties.


4. Susan Kihika – Tanga Tanga nation has shown its support for Susan Kihika after she was removed from the Majority Chief Whip position today. Kieleweke has told her that she should have known the repercussions of being against the President and have suggested that this is only the beginning of her political demise. Kihika is said to be depending on Tanga Tanga nation to get elected into the Nakuru Governor position. After today, her influence seems to have started diminishing and she could have a hard time getting elected in Nakuru.

5. Umoja – Kenyans have expressed their worry over the rising trend of gruesome deaths from domestic violence. The most recent case is that of a 29 year old girl in Umoja stabbing her boyfriend to death. There was another case of a man being burnt to death in BuruBuru. Men seem to be on the receiving end of these incidents. Kenyans have called for people to learn how to walk away from toxic relationships before they lead to such lamentable results. The issue of men not being protected has also been raised and Kenyans have called for it to be resolved.


6. Itumbi – Itumbi is leading the Tanga Tanga pack in claiming that today’s changes in the Majority Leader and Chief Whip’s positions were a scam. He has called for Jubilee to release photographic evidence of the Senators in attendance. After this comment, he has mostly been ridiculed and tagged a propagandist who will do anything in service of Ruto.

7. 100M For Artists – Kenyans are convinced that the 100M released by the President to artists is about to be misappropriated. This is after CS Amina announced conditions that are to be met for artists to benefit from the money. It is widely believed that these conditions are meant to introduced loopholes which unscrupulous individuals in government can then use to steal the money.


8. Duale – The Jubilee fumigation is underway and some Kenyans think Duale might be next. However, majority are of the opinion that Duale has played his cards right and he will be going nowhere. He has so far maintained his respect for the party leader and has been loyal to the party. There is also the opinion that he is involved in several scandals and is thus in no position to go against the government because he would be easily dealt with .


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