12 April Trend Report

Trending on Twitter:

1. Owuor – Prophet Owuor was said to have predicted that the world would end on 12th April. #KOT were on his case, with many criticizing him for being a scam, despite the prediction being dismissed as fake news.

2. Tuju – Tuju, the Jubilee Party Secretary General has been trending after a supposed change of leadership within the party that Ruto termed fraudulent. Tuju has insisted that he was acting on orders from the president, who is also the party leader. Meanwhile, the Deputy President continued to insist that the Party Leader had no hand in the changes.

3. SilentWaveKe – This hashtag, used by #KOT to gain followers, was trending.

4. Bahati – #KOT have been hating on Bahati a lot. It started after Nyashinski’s live show when some tried to compare him to Bahati. Most #KOT were of the opinion Bahati is no where close to Nyashinski.

5. Omena – As the economy gets worse and more Kenyans struggle to put food on the table due to the pandemic, omena and njahi were trending. Some #KOT were of the opinion that omena is an inferior food while others supported it.


6. Mt Kenya – Apparently, with the lock-down, Kenyans have realized that you can see Mt. Kenya from Nairobi. #KOT have been posting multiple photos to demonstrate this, with one of the most prominent being the shot in the tweet embed below

7. Guanghzou – The Chinese city has been trending, with #KOT calling out the brutality that Kenyans and Africans there are experiencing. According to most tweets, Africans there are being evicted onto the streets and are losing their jobs.

8. Caffe Mocha – Jack Rooster’s show on Homeboyz radio, caffe mocha, was trending

9. Busaa – #KOT expressed their anger after photos of an officer who poured liters of busaa on a woman emerged. Most defended the woman, saying that she did not deserve such treatment even for selling the illicit brew.


10. Bidcocares – During this pandemic, donations are increasingly being treated with suspicion. A good number of donors have been accused of donating with the wrong motives. As their priority is publicity and not the well-being of Kenyans, they are donating expired items and exposing Kenyans to the risk of infection by distributing the donated goods in ways that violate social distancing. Bidco is in such a situation.

11. NobodyKnowsTheDay – there has been a buzz on social media surrounding Prophet Owuor’s alleged claim that the world would end on the night of 12th April. However, the prediction that the world would end had been dismissed as false news

12. Tanzania – Our neighboring country was trending after it suspended international flights as a new measure against covid-19. Cargo planes will be allowed to fly in but the crew members will be required to quarantine at their cost

13. Debra – It turns out that a zebra at the Chyulu National Park mated with a donkey and gave birth to a peculiar looking foal, which the CNN called a zonkey. #KOT were of the opinion that it would be much better to call it a debra

14. Ruth Matete – Beloved John Apewajoye, the husband to gospel singer Ruth Matete, died due to burns after a gas explosion at their home. This happened barely 5 months after their grand wedding. #KOT tweeted their condolences for the singer and her family

15. Siaya – #KOT expressed their outrage at the burial of a person in Siaya who had succumbed to covid-19. A video making rounds on Twitter shows the body being buried without a coffin in a shallow grave by men in white overalls at night. Onlookers, mostly women, can be heard wailing in the background

Top Ten on YouTube

1. Femi One X Mejja – Utawezana Official Video. 2.5 M views in 1 week. Same position.
2. Alikiba – Dodo Official Video, with Hamisa Mobeto featured. 1.9M views in 4 days. Number 3 yesterday.
3. Dj Shiti reaction to Azziad Nasenya’s Utawezana video. 447 k views in 4 days. Number 2 yesterday.
4. Dogo Charlie’s Parody of Femi One x Mejja in which he sings for an avocado. 382 k views in 3 days. Same position.
5. Kevin Otieno Patient Number 34 – Eric Omondi’s Parody of Mutahi Kagwe’s press briefings. 360k views in 5 days. Same position.
6. 2020 – Boondocks Gang Covid-19 Music Video. 154k views in 2 days. Number 7 yesterday
7. Nyashinski – Glory. Official Music Video. 224k views in 4 days. Number 6 yesterday.
8. Zuchu – Wana. Official Music Video in which WCB’s new signing Zuchu sings her debut with the label. 1.4M views in 4 days. Number 10 yesterday
9. MarkAngel Comedy – Social Distancing. 1.2M views in 3 days. New in the top ten.
10. Switch TV – ‘Utawezana‘ Queen Azziad shares the messages she received from men. 168k views in 2 days. Number 9 yesterday.

Honorable mentions:

1. Comedian YY – Governor Joho tears Miguna in JKL satire part one. 38k views in 20 hours.

2. Churchill Show Season 9 Ep 9 Jalango’s Journey – 32k views in 14 hours.

3. Muigai Kigutha – Ngai wa maithe Official Music video- 208k views in 1 week.

4. Timmy Tdat – Pengting Official Music Video – 118k views in 4 days

5. Phylis Mbuthia – Mwihoko Witu – Official Music Video – 73k views in 3 days.

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