12 May Public Opinion Report

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1. Lusaka – Kenyans are convinced that Lusaka did not approve the Jubilee changes to the Senate because they were valid and it was the right thing to do but because the powers that be have him by the balls. It is believed that even if Lusaka wanted to, he had no choice but to ratify the changes. Lusaka is thought to have a history of scandals which the government would not hesitate to resurrect if the Senate Speaker did not do as he was told. Even so, those supporting Jubilee celebrated the approval and ridiculed Senator Kihika’s attempt to discredit the results of the Jubilee Parliamentary Group vote.

2. Azziad – Femi One’s Utawezana video got to 5M views on YouTube and she celebrated it on IG. Some of us are of the opinion that the song was given a huge boost by Azziad Nasenya, the TikTok sensation. A section of Kenyans think that Azziad should be paid for her contribution to the song’s fame. However, another group thinks that Azziad did not contribute help the song at all and that she is the one who rode on the Utawezana wave to become an overnight sensation. Both camps have been going back and forth with all manner of arguments. The winning argument appears to be: No, Azziad should not be paid but yes, she did help the song go viral and yes, Utawezana brought her to fame. Meanwhile, some time during this debate, Azziad’s followers on twitter surpassed the 100,000 mark.


3. Oscar Sudi – Sudi does not seem afraid of the President and whatever powers that back him. He said on his twitter and FB accounts that it is shameful and embarrassing for Uhuru to engage with a “woman” like Senator Kihika and a “small” young man like Murkomen. In his FB post, he used phrases such as Shetani ashindwe and useless for the President. It’s as if he is purposefully trying to provoke a reaction. Some Kenyans have supported him and admired him for having balls of steel and saying what they are afraid to say. Others have called stupid and illiterate.


4. Ruto – With the Deputy President’s team under siege, Kenyans have a lot to say about him. A few are advising him to get out of the government and lead the opposition – a move which most of his supporters are against. Others are advising him to re-strategize and surround himself with better allies. His supporters, however, are more than ever convinced of the evil of the dynasties and the need to win this war against them. It is the widespread opinion that Ruto, whatever he has done or is said to have done, is far better than Uhuru, Raila and Moi.

5. Orengo – Orengo has been christened a prophet by Kenyans after his famous words came to pass, and the government is eating its own children – Murkomen and Kihika. Today in the Senate, he appeared to defend Speaker Lusaka and the President against accusations that the Speaker had ratified the Jubilee changes under duress. After this, Kenyans are now convinced that Orengo is like all other politicians – he stands for integrity only when it aligns with his goals.

6. Raila – By now, everybody seems to agree that Raila had the last two election victories rigged against him and that he should have won. While the recent events make it seem like Raila is winning, there is a widespread belief that his betrayal at the hands of Uhuru is already written on the wall and that it’s only a matter of time.


7. Kibaki – In the wake of the chaotic political scene in Kenya today, Kenyans are having nostalgic feelings for former President Kibaki. He is being regarded as a saint who had no flaws at all. There are also reports that starting next month, Kibaki will be the highest paid retired public servant and will be earning more than even the President.

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