14 May Public Opinion Report

1. Budgetagainstcovid19 – Kenyans feel the effects of inadequate public participation in the allocation of covid-19 funds being used by counties. They are calling for ways to ensure that information gets to the public eg through social media and that public opinion is considered in county budgets. The youth also feel left out in the decision making process of counties and are of the opinion that county government should look for ways for young people to air their opinions and contribute to the allocation of funds.

2. IHaveYourBackWsr – Hustler nation have continued to show overwhelming support for the DP despite the political losses that the Tanga tanga faction has been experiencing. Actually, the war being waged against the DP has only served to make his supporters more vocal and to convince them that they are on the right side. Today, this support took the form of Ruto supporters changing their profile pictures on twitter to a Ruto banner. At the same time, Team Inua Mama – Jubilee Women Leaders – released a statement saying that they stand with Kihika and Murkomen and that they are against the expulsion of nominated senators who failed to attend the Jubilee Parliamentary Group meeting.

3. RutoConmanship – Using this hashtag, a portion of Kenyans expressed their conviction that Ruto is deceiving the electorate. The first deception that has been pointed out is the idea that we should vote for Ruto because he is a hustler and reject the likes of Uhuru, Moi and Raila because they are from political dynasties that have been oppressing us. It has been pointed out that Ruto has all through his political career been advocating for those very dynasties and that it is strange for him to only now realize that dynasties are bad. Another deception is that of Ruto portraying himself as a humble, God-fearing, Christian while at the same time involving himself in evils like corruption.


4. StillLearning – Learning has been disrupted by the covid-19 pandemic. Young children could be most affected by this disruption. For some children in Kenya, the only source of a healthy balanced diet – is essential especially in early stages of growth – is meals given at school. The learning environment at home is also not very conducive given that parents are under the stress of having to work from home and taking care of children. There is need to devise ways for the growth and development of young children is disrupted as little as possible.


5. Mental Health – In the past 2 months, mental health concerns connected to the pandemic have been on the rise. The pandemic has taken a mental toll on health workers, people who have lost their loved ones to the virus and in general, everyone due to isolation and social distancing. There is also stigma associated with those who have the virus and those who have recovered from it. Ignoring such problems poses the danger of deteriorating mental health which could lead to serious problems such as suicide and domestic violence. There is need to find ways to ensure we stay mentally healthy.

6. Lupita – There has been a debate on whether a comedian called Elsa is funny. She has both fans and haters in plenty. While some find her funny, others find her content plain. Lupita weighed in on that debate, saying that she finds Elsa funny and recommended the comedian to her fans. Elsa was also recently commended for her work by Cassper Nyovest. Apparently, South Africans love her more than Kenyans do. Her haters have been adamant that just because a few celebrities enjoy her work does not mean that she has turned funny. Meanwhile, her supporters took the endorsements as proof that Elsa is talented. This Elsa scenario is a perfect example of what has been going on in the comedy industry, where every comedian seems to be both funny and boring in equal measure depending on who you ask.


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