15 May Public Opinion Report

Tweet of the day

1. Amerix – Amerix, the fairly well known preacher of masculinity on twitter, did an interview with NTV. To the disappointment of a number of his fans, he did not look anything like the image his tweets portray. It is the opinion that he should have stayed anonymous. Moreover, there was some irregularity between his arguments on TV and on twitter, which has affected his validity. Some have started to think that he himself does not practice what he preaches.

2. Babu Owino – Babu Owino’s image in the public eye has continued to improve, mostly because of his online classes. A good number of people have managed to find a way to forget that he shot DJ Evolve and that he is not in jail. His popularity has increased to the point where some think that he is presidential material; if not now, then sometime in future when he has become more mature.

3. Agnes Odhiambo – Kenyan youth are extremely pleased with the appointment of their comrades to top government jobs and have taken to twitter to celebrate. Jackton Ojwang, aged only 70 years, and Agnes Odhiambo – only 60 years, join the list of youth which the President has been so keen to include in government. At the top of the list is 91 year old Moody Awori who was recently appointed to head the Sports, Art and Social Development Fund. Young Kenyans are happy that after advocating for their inclusion in government for a long time, they have been had and the President is honoring is promise of ensuring that at least 30% of his appointees are youth.

4. David Ndii – David Ndii is under fire from the government. A dead tax case against him has been brought back to life. It is a widespread opinion that Ndii faces the tax evasion case because he is a government critic. It is also by now widely accepted as a fact that government institutions like EACC and KRA are only there to punish those who oppose the government.


5. Nairobi Lock Down– The 21 day extension of the lock down on Nairobi is set to end tomorrow. Kenyans have mixed feelings on whether there should be another extension. On one hand, some feel that we haven’t been taking even the most basic measures such as wearing of masks seriously and that not only should the curfew be extended but stricter measures should be put in place. The police are also being blamed for taking advantage of the curfew and lock down to harass and extort money from Kenyans. On the other hand, some feel that the virus will be with us for a long time and that we should learn to live with it. The lock down should therefore be lifted.

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