16 April Trend Report

Top Trends on Twitter:

1. President Uhuru Kenyatta. Towards the end of the day, the President has been trending after he gave a press statement. The issues of concern to #KOT in his statement were the stipend to be given to select needy families in Nairobi, the Kitenge shirts that the president has been wearing lately and the fact that he did not address matters such as rent. Most tweeps were not pleased by Uhuru’s speech because it did not address the issues that they wanted addressed.

2. AnneWaiguruPlusOne – A multitude of tweeter influencers seemed eager to remind us that today was the Kirinyaga Governor’s birthday. Using this hashtag, they celebrated Anne Waiguru, praising her for various achievements, including being a role model for women in politics. Some #KOT readily jumped on the bandwagon, showering the governor with praise. Others, while wishing her a happy birthday, criticized her for such crimes as corruption and were happy to dig out skeletons such as the NYS scandal.

3. Mike Sonko – Mike Sonko’s Hennessy donation has propelled him to the attention of not only the rest of Africa but also the world. The act has been featured on several foreign online publications. Some foreign tweeps have expressed envy, wishing that they were in Nairobi to receive the Hennessy handouts. Meanwhile, Sonko has come under criticism from some #KOT who claim that he could have put the money to better use.

4. SonkoMalong – David Ndii, the professor economist, baptized lawyer Donald Kipkorir with the name Sonko Malong. Kipkorir was trending under his alias after he displayed his wealth in a photo that shows him taking a sh.25,000 meal in a restaurant. Most #KOT were angry that he should show off during a time when many Kenyans are struggling to put food on their tables. Some supported him and were of the opinion that anyone is free to not only use their wealth as they choose but also to boast about it at will.

5. BringBackKTN – #KOT are dissapointed with KTN and are mourning the good old days when the station was reputable and worth watching. They are particularly bitter about the removal of such popular shows as Two Wives, Real Housewives of Kawangware and Point Blank.

6. Posta – This morning, the PostMaster General Dan Kagwe – who is said to be Mutahi Kagwe’s brother, issued a circular to Posta Corporation employees, notifying them to prepare for salary delays. Posta has been struggling and has had to rely on government bailouts from time to time. Most #KOT find this painful, seeing as the corporation has the infrastructure and the ability to become a leading and profitable courier service if only it embraced innovation.


7. Lillian Omollo, who was a suspect of an NYS scandal, will have 33 million shillings in her account transferred to the state after she failed to satisfactorily give the source of the money. Her claims that she got the money from her farm were not convincing to the court.

8. Mombasa – Joho has become a darling on Twitter since covid-19 hit us, with #KOT applauding his consistent efforts in the fight against corona. They seem to find the measures he has taken in Mombasa to be sensible and alive to the reality of the common mwananchi. His latest measure is the issuance of free masks in bulk to the police. Consequently, if the police in Mombasa find you without a mask, instead of harassing and arresting you, they will issue you with a mask.

9. ShameOnDACAviation – An air travel company, DAC Aviation, has come under fire from #KOT after it has come to light that they have delayed employee salaries for 3 months. The company has been condemned, with tweeps demanding that they pay up without excuses as their employees have been suffering.

10. Tanzania – Our Swahili neighbors have adopted a relatively lax attitude so far in their fight against covid-19. They have failed to ban religious public gatherings and claim that countries like Kenya who have done so are not religious enough. When Citizen reported about this, they were arm-stronged into running an apology on television by the soft dictator Magufuli.


Trending on digital news:


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  2. Mutahi Kagwe is blindly leading us nowhere, lacks strategy – Lawyer Ahmednasir. 19,000+ views. Click here to read.
  3. Coronavirus: Uganda to return Kenyan truck driver who tested positive. 14,000+ views. Click here to read.
  4. Landlords and tenants association orders all tenants to stop paying rent citing covid-19. 66,000+ views. Click here to read.
  5. Corona virus update: 9 more people test positive, national tally rises to 234. 11,000+ views. Click here to read.


  1. Konshens reveals surprise to Kenyans during covid-19. Read here
  2. Chinese hotel that locked out Kenyans closed. Read here
  3. Uhuru delivers free food to Nairobians, releases billions. Read here
  4. 3 Kenyan media houses slash journalists’ salaries. Read here
  5. Uhuru’s projects place Kenya seventh in new global rankings. Read here

Top Ten on YouTube:

1. Femi One X Mejja – Utawezana Official Video. 3.1 M views in 2 weeks. Same position.
2. Alikiba – Dodo Official Video, with Hamisa Mobeto featured. 2.7M views in 1 week. Same position.
3. Dogo Charlie’s Parody of Femi One x Mejja in which he sings for an avocado. 596 k views in 1 week. Same position.
4. Willy Paul X Nadia Mukami. Nikune Music Video 179 views in 2 days. Up from number 9. Dj Shiti reaction to Azziad Nasenya’s Utawezana video. 521 k views in 1 week. Same position
5. Dj Shiti reaction to Azziad Nasenya’s Utawezana video. 548 k views in 1 week. Down from number 4.
6. Churchill Show Sn09 Ep09 Jalango’s Journey – 153 k views in 3 days. Up from number 7 2020 – Boondocks Gang Covid-19 Music Video. 222k views in 4 days. Down from number 5
7. Zuchu – Wana. Official Music Video in which WCB’s new signing Zuchu sings her debut with the label. 2M views in 1 week. Down from number 5.
8. Pandemik – Benzema x NellyTheGoon x Dmore. Official Music Video. 88k views in 2 days. New.
9. Desagu – Desagu & Miracle Baby Sailors Under Arrest Partying As A Crowd. 139k views in 3 days. Up from number 10.
10. Switch TV – DJ Flinch wants Azziad to dance the utawezana song on TV – See her reaction. 151k views in 3 days. New.

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