17 April Trend Report

1. Health CS Mutahi Kagwe – The CS has been trending after he, accompanied by Fred Matiang’i and James Macharia, received a consignment of testing kits and masks from China. While at the aiport, Mutahi he announced 12 more positive cases from the testing of 450 samples. #KOT are still in support of Mutahi Kagwe and think he is doing a good job. However, they are taking issue with the fact that he has taken the role of a reporter and that his press statements involve giving us statistics and repeating what he has said countless times before.


2. Nyashinski – Nyashinski is one of the few lucky Kenyan public figures who have managed to hold the good graces of #KOT. Many already think of him as the GOAT of Kenyan music. Almost everyone agrees that he is exceptionally good in what he does. He recently released an album titled “Lucky You.” The album has enjoyed a good reception on twitter so far.

3. KomeshaChinese – #KOT continue to express their rage at the mistreatment of Kenyans abroad and particularly at the government’s audacity to not only defend the Chinese but also to heap blame on the Kenyans being mistreated and to deny them help. A video by Yvonne Okwara has been doing rounds. In the video, she calls out the Kenyan embassy in China for turning back Kenyans who had been forcefully evicted, supposedly because they had not registered with the embassy and had no work permits. #KOT have had enough with the Chinese. There are videos and posts going round that portray the racist side of the Chinese. There are also multiple videos showing Kenyans being physically abused, being called monkeys and being mistreated right here in Kenya.


4. RutoCoronaSolutions – Ruto has been in bad graces with part of the KOT community. Every one, apart from his followers, has been criticizing him for disappearing when Kenyans are at in a crisis and need all the help they can get. At first, he was silent. Later, when he appeared, he gave a press conference and went straight into politics. He called out what he termed as fraudulent party leadership changes at Jubilee which rekindled the 2022 political debate that had began dying down. He then went on to show his perceived influence within Jubilee by claiming that he had the support of more than 70% of its legislators. Another bone that Kenyans have to pick with him is the fact that he is conspicuously missing from the Corona donations list yet before Corona, he was always donating huge amounts.

5. uhurumustgo – Some #KOT seem to have an issue with the President too. There is a feeling that he is out of touch with the common mwananchi. Some of the issues that #KOT are not happy with include the president’s silence on the matter of rent and his disbursement of money to the elderly, which some feel is only an opportunity for corruption. Most Kenyans using this hashtag seem generally tired of the President and seek to blame him for every single problem. Some seem to be of the opinion that yes, the president must go but we should hold off that debate until the Corona pandemic passes.

6. InSolidarityWithMombasa – Joho has continued to be a darling to #KOT. Today, he and his long term political rival – Suleiman Shabhal united to lead the people of Mombasa in the fight against the Corona pandemic. #KOT have already forgiven Joho’s purported “D” score in school, saying that academics count for nothing and that he has proven to be the sort of leader who delivers when the people need him. Every one of his measures in this fight has been received well. As a result of his stellar performance, some #KOT have even suggested that he should be rewarded, come 2022, possibly by being elected President or Governor of Nairobi County.

7. SomaliaOur neighbor has been trending in Kenya after reports by Standard that the National Intelligence and Security Agency in Somalia has been colluding with Al-shabaab. According to the article, NISA is suspected to be funding and giving highly sensitive information to Al-shabaab. Part of this suspicion arises from some top NISA officials being spotted with Al-shabaab agents.

8. Eastleigh – The Eastleigh Business Community has decided to close down all shops in Eastleigh in a measure to contain the spread of Corona. This is after 2 people succumbed to the disease this week. The closure will go on indefinitely. The decision was welcomed, though to some tweeps, it seems as if it took people from Eastleigh the deaths of their own to take covid-19 seriously.

9. Tuju – The Jubilee Party Secretary General has been trending. This is after the Registrar of Political Parties, after receiving 350 letters of complaint from members of Jubilee, rejected the proposed leadership changes within the party. Supporters of Ruto view this as a victory and take it to be an indicator of their influence within the party. They are calling Tuju a fraudster and a conman and seem keen to remind him that Jubilee is not a party owned by any person.

10. Ndii – Rounding up our top ten trends today is the economist Ndii, who continues to be trending, mostly for his fight against Donald Kipkorir. #KOT today continued to discuss Donald’s wealth after Ndii claimed that the lawyer, though rich, has unpaid debts that he consistently evades. #KOT joined the fight on both camps, some supporting the lawyer and others supporting Ndii.

Trending on Digital News:


  1. My favourite: Lulu Hassan gushes over hubby Rashid Abdalla while celebrating his birthday. 12,000+ views. Click here to read
  2. Raila blames Ruto for fresh wrangles in Jubilee Party. 10,000+ views. Click here to read
  3. Ruth Matete opens up on events that transpired leading to her husband’s death. 29,000+ views. Click here to read
  4. Songstress Sanaipei Tande promises to look for Abel Mutua after his love confession 16 years. 17,000+ views. Click here to read
  5. Coronavirus: 5 hotel workers among 12 new confirmed covid-19 cases, CS Kagwe says. 24,000+ views. Click here to read


  1. Standard media stopped from slashing salaries. Click here to read
  2. Sonko outsmarted after blocking kshs 15 Billion budget. Click here to read
  3. 21 pay dearly after attempt to break out from quarantine. Click here to read
  4. Akon signs deal with Kenyan billionaire. Click here to read
  5. Mulamwah’s girlfriend opens up on miscarriage(video) Click here to read

Top ten on YouTube

New videos in the top ten are bolded to help you easily track changes

1. Femi One X Mejja – Utawezana Official Video. 3.2 M views in 2 weeks. Same position.
2. Willy Paul X Nadia Mukami. Nikune Music Video 247 views in 3 days. Up from number 4
3. Dogo Charlie’s Parody of Femi One x Mejja in which he sings for an avocado. 662 k views in 1 week. Same position.
4. Alikiba – Dodo Official Video, with Hamisa Mobeto featured. 2.8M views in 1 week. Down from number 2.
5. Switch TV DJ Flinch wants Azziad to dance the utawezana song on TV – See her reaction. 201k views in 4 days. Up from number 10
6. Pandemik Benzema x NellyTheGoon x Dmore. Official Music Video. 114k views in 3 days. Up from number 8.
7. Sauti Sol- Brighter Days Official Video ft. Soweto Gospel Choir. 219k views in 9 hours. New.
8. Churchill Show Sn09 Ep09 Jalango’s Journey – 171 k views in 4 days. Down from number 6
9. Dj Shiti reaction to Azziad Nasenya’s Utawezana video. 569 k views in 1 week. Down from number 5
10. DailyNation – AP Officer caught on camera fighting over alleged bribe. 115k views in 3 days. 3 days ago. New.

Honorable Mentions:

  1. Mulamwah – From me to you. 106k views in 1 day. A video in which Mulamwah opens up about the effect of trolling on his life.

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