18 May Public Opinion Report

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1. Kawangware and Eastleigh– In the recent past, the number of cases in Kawangware has been escalating. But now there are none being reported. Eastleigh also has no new cases. The disappearance of cases coincides with a letter that Dagoretti MP Simba Arati wrote to the Ministry of Health. He wanted to be given the names of those infected so that he can directly support their families. The MOH muted, meaning that the cases might have been fake – at least that’s the prevailing thought in Kenyan’s minds. This has cemented the idea that the government, in one way or the other, is playing us regarding the pandemic.


2. Ruto – Rumors have been going round that the next attack on Ruto will be the demolition of the Weston Hotel and some time later, his impeachment. There are also rumors suggesting that there are about 200 Mps who have met in Karen, allied to the DP.

3. Mzee Kibor – The undisputed leader of the Boy Child Association and the patron of Men’s Conference, Mzee Kibor, has once again proven why the boy child in Kenya adores him. He has won a court case after 6 of his children asked for their share of his land. After this victory, DNA tests will be conducted to determine whether the 6 men are indeed his children. This victory has been celebrated by the boy child as a victory over the gender that gave Adam the forbidden fruit.


4. Mudavadi – Mudavadi today stated that his party, ANC, would not be getting into a coalition with Jubilee and that he is committed to being a member of the opposition. Some Kenyans think that Mudavadi is just bargaining and that in any case, he is useless in the opposition.

5. Nairobi National Park – Kenyans have protested the intended development of a hotel inside the Nairobi National Park. The park land has been increasingly encroached on in the recent past, with land being taken to construct the SGR, the Southern Bypass and the inland depot. The park is the only one within a city in the world and continued encroachment, especially by non essential items such as eateries, will one day lead to its extinction. Private investors have been blamed for the greedy plan.

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