19 April Trend Report

Trending on Twitter:

1. Bahati – Bahati released a video on YouTube in which he announces that he has shut down EMB records and terminated all contracts with artistes. He attributes this decision mainly to the rivalry in the gospel music industry. This decision was met by many #KOT with criticism, with some seeming to regard Bahati as a lost case in gospel music – in the same class as Willy Paul. An overwhelming number dragged Bahati’s wife Diana into the mess and are blaming her for misdirecting Bahati. Issues between Bahati and EMB employees were also brought up, with claims that Bahati did not pay some of the people he worked with.


2. Kenyatta – Kenyatta hospital has been on the spot after claims that its negligence led to the death of Ken Walibora. The Professor’s death has had a lot of unanswered questions and details of his death continue to emerge. #KOT have expressed their rage and narrated multiple other instances showing the hospital’s normalized inefficiency. Walibora is said to have stayed unattended at the hospital from around 10am till evening when he died. This was in spite of his critical condition.

3. COVID19TankScam – Some unscrupulous people have decided to take this opportunity to scam Kenyans. The culprits, masquerading as World Vision Kenya, are luring people online with the promise of free tanks then getting their victims to pay ‘registration fees’ to qualify for the free tanks. #KOT took to Twitter to call out these fraudsters and have advised caution while online.

4. Kibaki – Earlier in the day, Kibaki was trending, seemingly for no particular reason. However, as the trend continued, #KOT started showing their nostalgic feelings for the former president, with many praising him for such achievements as the Thika Super Highway.

5. KTDA – #KOT have celebrated the issuing of new policies governing the Kenyan tea sector and consequently the expected end of the fleecing of tea farmers by cartels. The reforms by Munya have been applauded and many have expressed their hope that the CS will not be intimidated into giving up on the fight against cartels.

6. Eldoret – Eldoret has been trending after its residents bought and publicly burned copies of The Standard, which they are calling Gideon Moi’s The Standard. On the newspaper’s front page was the title, “Big Office No Power,” referring to the Deputy President. More recently, Health CAS Mwangangi announced that Moi Referral and Teaching Hosptial in Eldoret would be one of the 2 centers in the country, alongside Kenyatta National Hospital, that would be equipped for covid-19 testing.

7. Maina – The name Maina has been trending for several reasons: First, the guy suspected to be behind the covid19tankscam is one William Maina, according to the Twitter DCI. Also, Maina Kageni was hospitalized yesterday night. However, he says that he is okay and had just gone to Nairobi Hospital for tests after he thew up. He has already been discharged, according to a Classic 105 website article. Also, there is a lady named Tess Maina who became a multi millionaire business Mogul after partnering with Prophet Elvis Mbonye.

8. Vihiga – Health workers in Vihiga have apparently been working for 6 months without getting paid. They have had to resort to Twitter, hoping that their county government will be forced to pay them.

9. South Sudan – Our neighboring country has been trending after Citizen reported that the country has just 4 ventilators. #KOT have however dismissed the report, saying that we are not better off as Kenya because we also have very few ventilators relative to our population.

10. Ethic – The Gengetone group has been trending, this time not only for obscene content but also for promoting pedophilia. Their latest gengetone song, Soko, has the line, “tight kama katoto kachanga.” #KOT have vehemently called Ethic out and have begged Ezekiel Mutua to ban the song, saying that this time the group went too far.


Trending on Digital News:


  1. Kenyan nurse treated to sh15k shopping after randomly meeting former patient at supermarket. 118,000+ reads. Click here to read
  2. Raila’s meeting with tycoon Shabhal sets ball rolling for Governor Joho’s succession race. 16,000+ reads. Click here to read
  3. 64-years-old woman graduates with a higher diploma in electrical engineering. 38,000+ reads. Click here to read
  4. Uproar after video of African lady being denied entry into Chinese shop goes viral. 15,000+ reads. Click here to read
  5. Ugandan MP Bobi Wine offers to bring back home Africans stuck in foreign countries. 14,000+ reads. Click here to read


  1. Kenya to evacuate stranded citizens in the UK. Click here to read.
  2. Uhuru and Ruto reunite after tragedy strikes. Click here to read.
  3. Elders conduct rituals in forest with government officials. Click here to read.
  4. Maina Kageni speaks out after hospitalization claims. Click here to read.
  5. Viral Ghanaian pallbearers unveil Kenyan celebrity manager. Click here to read.

Top Ten on YouTube:

New videos in the top ten are bolded to help you easily track changes

1. Sauti Sol- Brighter Days Official Video ft. Soweto Gospel Choir. 537k views in 2 day. Up from position 2.
2. Willy Paul X Nadia Mukami. Nikune Music Video – 366 views in 5 days. Up from number 3.
3. Femi One X Mejja – Utawezana Official Video. 3.5 M views in 2 weeks. Down from number 1.
4. Switch TV – DJ Flinch wants Azziad to dance the utawezana song on TV – See her reaction. 302k views in 5 days. Up from number 5.
5. Bahati Kenya – Pain as Bahati speaks out. Reasons why I shut EMB Record Label. 98k views in 21 hours.
6. Dogo Charlie’s Parody of Femi One x Mejja in which he sings for an avocado. 788 k views in 1 week. Down from number 4.
7. Pandemik – Benzema x NellyTheGoon x Dmore. Official Music Video. 114k views in 3 days. Same position.
8. Alikiba – Dodo Official Video, with Hamisa Mobeto featured. 3.1M views in 1 week. Down from number 6.
9. DailyNation – AP Officer caught on camera fighting over alleged bribe. 166k views in 5 days. Down from number 8.
10. Desagu & Miracle Baby Sailors Under Arrest Partying As A Crowd x Alex Mathenge. 180k views in 5 days.

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