22 April Trend Report

1. GatesHacked – Amid suspicion that Bill Gates has been involved in the Corona virus right from the very start, hackers have hacked Bill Gates, the World Health Organization and the Wuhan Virus Lab. The aim of the hackers is to release documents that confirm this suspicion. The suspicion is partly fueled by Gates’ alleged desire to find a way to regulate the earth’s population. This comes after numerous complains by the twitter community about the vaccines that organizations affiliated to Gates intend to give freely to Africans. It has been reiterated that such vaccines are designed to harm Africans in some way. Also, a screenshot of a conversation online indicates that a certain Chinese doctor intentionally released the infection in an air vent near the Wuhan market. Though a couple of verified accounts on twitter have also posted information surrounding the GatesHack, it is unclear what is true and what is not. The whole thing could be a conspiracy theory or it could be the unmasking of one of most evil plots in history. We will just wait and see.

2. UhuruSpeaks – KOT have been agitating for the president to address certain issues, including rent, the cost of quarantine for Kenyans and the plight of Kenyans in foreign countries. This morning, he spoke to the nation through major Swahili radio stations, where a panel of reporters had the chance to ask him questions. On the rent issue, the president said that he could not issue directives because residential houses are private investments but that for cases such as water and electricity, where he had control he had issued the necessary directives. Kenyans continued to express their discontent with the president.

Clearly, there is a disconnect between KOT and the President. A good number of KOT are not interested in listening to the President but in giving their own views. For example, some KOT think that the sh 100 million given to artists was part of the government’s response to covid-19 and have been criticizing this. However, the money had been promised earlier and the president happened to announce the delivery of this promise while giving a covid-19 address. Even today, most of the tweets under the UhuruSpeaks tag were not about the President’s address. It seems a considerable portion of KOT get their news directly from bloggers on twitter and thus get opinions and not facts, which is dangerous.


3. Kibicho – Sonko blamed Kibicho for ordering the destruction of sanitation booths erected by the Sonko Rescue Team, praying for God to punish them. KOT directed their anger at Kibicho, as they could not see the sense of demolishing sanitation booths that were already in use.


4. ProtectOurBorders – KOT have been urging for the protection of our borders, especially from the infiltration of people from neighboring countries such as Tanzania, which has been lax in its measures against the pandemic, and has just had a spike in the number of infections.

5. DeedofTransfer– Sonko says that he will begin the process to terminate the Deed of Transfer in which he gave up control of Nairobi county because he feels shortchanged. KOT have supported this and seem to have faith in Sonko’s leadership of Nairobi. However, a section of them were keen to remind Sonko that the deed can only be terminated if both parties give their consent in a common document, or unless you prove fraud. Yet others criticized him for not having read the contract before signing it.

6. Fridah – Mulamwah, who threw what now appears to be a tantrum the other day after being trolled, is now reported to have bullied a girl called Fridah into deactivating her account which has more than 80,000 followers. Mulamwah went as far as calling Fridah from different numbers to evade her blocking attempts. It is unclear what Fridah did but Mulamwah seems to be out for blood. KOT have condemned Mulamwah and all the sympathy he had acquired before is slowly dissapearing. However, others are firmly on Mulamwah’s side and insist that Fridah deserves what she’s getting.


7. Kabarnet – Two young men were yesterday shot in Kabarnet under the pretext of enforcing curfew. The responsible officer has since been disarmed and will be arraigned according to the area OCPD. Kabarnet has also been invaded by a swarm of Narrow bee flies, which has left the residents spooked and is hindering normal operations.

8. Ken Walibora – A tweep posted a photo of Ken Walibora’s up country home and began complaining about its state, blaming the lack of profitability for writers in Kenya. KOT descended on him.


9. WithHer – Due to the lock down, victims of Gender Based Violence have been finding themselves locked in with their abusers. A group of organizations has been spreading awareness about this on twitter and trying to effect change that will help such victims.

10. Westmalltwitter – Apparently, crazy things that I cannot bring myself to write here happen in Nairobi. I will however leave you with some pointers.


Trending on digital news

1. Hundreds Evicted as Government Repossesses Nairobi Land. Thousands of acres of land in Ruai, which have been grabbed by private developers, will be restored to the government and all structures flattened. The land is supposed to be used for Nairobi sewage management. Click here to read more.

2. Quarantined Kenyans Sleep on Floor Due to Over Crowding [PHOTOS]. Activist Boniface Mwangi released photos of poor conditions in the quarantine center Kenya High, with some people sleeping on the floor and others sleeping close to each other. Click here to read more and see the photos.

3. Matiang’i Declares Partial Lockdown in 5th County – Following the increase of number of infections in Mandera County, the government has declared a lock down, barring movement into and out of the county effective 22 April. Click here to read more.

4. University student swept by floods in Chesogon found alive 48 hours later – A Moi University student who had not been found during the 1st day of rescue operations was discovered alive after 48 hours. She has been taken to hospital for hospitalized attention. Click here to read more.

5. Ken Walibora: Tears flow freely as 40 mourners attend Swahili author’s funeral. The professor’s burial was held today and there was commotion as a lot of people wanted to attend the burial but only 40 were allowed, due to the directives on social distancing. Click here to read more.

Trending on YouTube:

  1. Sauti Sol Brighter Days ft Soweto Choir. 724k views in 5 days.
  2. Bahati: Pain as Bahati speaks out|Reasons why I shut down EMB record label. 240k views in 3 days.
  3. Willy Paul x Nadia Mukami. Nikune. 503k views in 1 week.
  4. Femi One x Mejja Utawezana. 3.8M views in 2 weeks.
  5. Mark Angel Comedy National Lockdown. 1.1M views in 4 days. Switch Tv
  6. Khaligraph Jones ft Masauti Hao. Official Music Video. 120k views in 6 hours.
  7. Daily Nation. Homa bay driver’s full viral video claiming he is healthy. 98k views in 1 day.
  8. Switch TV – Dj Flinch wants Azziad to dance to Utawezana. See her reaction. 404k views in 1 week.
  9. Boondocks Gang 420. 145k views in 2 days.
  10. Ochungulo Family Pandemik. 229k views in 1 week.

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