23 April Trend Report

1. Ruto – The Deputy President has, as usual, been trending on twitter for the wrong reasons. KOT are firmly convinced that Ruto was the one who had stolen the thousands of acres in Ruai that plan to be reclaimed by the government. In addition, they are also convinced that he is behind Sonko’s announcement that he will begin proceedings to take back control of Nairobi. Some bloggers see Ruto’s alleged involvement with Sonko as an act of taking the fight directly to the President, a view which a section of KOT have readily gobbled up. Ruto supporters, on the other hand, are convinced that the reports going round about Ruto having grabbed the Ruai land are a deliberate campaign to direct the public’s attention away from the stolen sh.40 billion shillings, as reported by The Star.

Most KOT get their news from bloggers on twitter and consider it first hand news, which in my humble opinion is a mistake because these ‘bloggers’ are usually biased. The result is that KOT live in a separate world, in which what they believe is very different from what is actually the case in the real world. This disconnect was clear in yesterday’s trend #UhuruSpeaks and is also very clear in today’s #40billion trend, as discussed below.

2. 40billion KOT used this trend to heavily criticize the government after the print edition of The Star reported that the government had already spent 40 billion shillings since the pandemic started. KOT are always very eager to criticize the government and will jump on such a bandwagon with glee. Most of them had only seen the headline on the front page and without reading the article had already assumed the worst. Any efforts to make KOT realize that they had understood the wrong thing from the headline were ruthlessly attacked, as shown in the tweet embeds below. The Star, later in the day, released an online article clarifying that the money had not been spent but had been budgeted for use during this period and that only parts of it had been disbursed. It then went ahead to issue an apology for the misinformation earlier given in the print edition.


3. Denmark – Denmark donated some sh.513 million to Kenya to aid our fight against the Corona pandemic. KOT estimate that if sh.40 billion was misappropriated by Uhuru’s government in 40 days, the 513 million will not last a day.

4. StudyAtHomeCrap – The government has so far been giving indications that they still intend these year’s exams to be done. To make this possible, they have been hinting at online learning and learning through such media as television and radio. However, many KOT have raised what I think are reasonable objections to the plan, such as inadequate digital equipment, lack of universal and guaranteed electricity and lack of a conducive study environment at home, among others.


5. Patrick Osero – This man is the alleged proxy of William Ruto, who acts on the DP’s behalf on land matters. His name has come up in a list of owners of land being reclaimed at Ruai. The whole campaign linking Ruto to the Ruai land hinges on this man and ‘The Twitter DCI’ is on his case.

6. NyoroDelivers – The way KOT see it, this is a sponsored trend. The Kiambu governor, according to Kiambu residents on twitter, has invested in twitter marketing campaigns and neglected his work. They say that the state of things on the ground in Kiambu is very different from what is portrayed online and that they see the hashtag for what it is, a campaign pushed by paid bloggers. It is difficult to reject this opinion as all the tweeps promoting this hashtag are known twitter bloggers. However, a considerable number of KOT don’t know that and will fall for the PR stunt.

7. Jacob Juma – Juma has been trending as he has been linked to the Ruai land that is now being reclaimed. KOT blame on who killed him is being directed solely to one guy.


8. Adebayor – The footballer from Togo was trending after he sought to make it very clear for everyone that he would not make covid-19 donations to his country like Drogba and Eto’o for the reason that he was not the one who brought the virus into Togo.

9. Bundesliga – The German top football league could resume on May 9, much to the delight of football fans on twitter. Furthermore, the ban that previously saw matches during the day not being televised to protect stadium attendance could be lifted, meaning that the matches will be televised. They will be ghost matches, in that, there will be very few fans.

Trending on Digital News:


1. Kenyans ranked among world’s most unhappy people in 2020 – This is according to a survey done by the United Nations. Kenya was ranked position 121 out of 156. The ranking was based on income, healthy life expectancy, freedom, social support, trust and generosity. Click here to read more.

2. Detectives say Ken Walibora was in dispute with book publisher before his death – Investigators are still looking into the nature of the dispute and are using phone records between the publisher and Ken Walibora. A pathologist’s report had earlier proven that Walibora had a stab wound as a result of defending himself. Click here to read more

3. 3 Kenyan firms develop app that alerts you when near Covid-19 patient – The app will use Bluetooth technology to alert you when you come near a patient and will rely on records from the government. It will also give you awards for staying at home and there are plans to use it to help the government in contact tracing. Click here to read more.

4. Virusi vya Corona: Rais wa Madagascar adai kupata tiba, aizindua rasmi – Rajoelina, the Madagascar President, officially launched a covid-19 cure, which he says also acts as a vaccine. The cure is made from herbs. The WHO has not yet endorsed it but Rajoelina will commence its distribution among people vulnerable to the virus in his country. Click here to read more.

5. William Ruto hosted Sonko hours before governor denounced transfer of county functions deal – The Standard is quoted reporting that Sonko admitted to meeting the Deputy President to discuss issues of concern to the county and the country. The meeting has been linked to Sonko’s move to denounce the power of transfer. Click here to read more.


1. Company records 24 covid-19 cases – KPA, after targeted mass testing began, has 24 employees who have tested positive for covid-19. Following this discovery, contract tracing is being carried out to find other Mombasa residents who may have come into contact with the 24. Governor Joho has called for the national government to put Mombasa on lockdown. Click here to read more.

2. Inside Kenyatta Family sh 500 billion investment – After the Ruai land reclamation, which is associated with DP Ruto, activists such as Boniface Mwangi have called for a probe into the Kenyatta Family owned land. This article includes a description of the sh 500 billion Northlands City, which has already kicked off and is said to be owned by the Kenyatta Family. Click here to read more.

3. Train rams into Matatu during curfew in Nairobi(video) – A matatu in Nairobi got stuck on the railway and could not move away when a train came. Efforts by the bystanders to get the train to stop were fruitless and it rammed into the matatu before stopping. This seemed to have happened past curfew. Click here to read more and watch the video.

4. Police track down KMTC escapee to Kericho – One of the 50 escapees from KMTC quarantine center was tracked down to Litein, Kericho. He is said to have used a public service vehicle from Nairobi to Kericho despite the lockdown on Nairobi. Click here to read more.

5. Mejja Utawezana song lands media house in trouble with Government – A television station that aired the Utawezana song was served with a notice of violation and could be further prosecuted by the Communications Authority of Kenya. Ezekiel Mutua warned that no television station should play the song and that the Kenya Film Classification Board would also take action on the station. Click here to read more.

Trending on YouTube:

  1. Khaligraph Jones ft Masauti Hao. Official Music Video. 256k views in 1 day.
  2. Sauti Sol Brighter Days ft Soweto Choir. 773k views in 6 days.
  3. Bahati: Pain as Bahati speaks out|Reasons why I shut down EMB record label. 255k views in 4 days.
  4. Willy Paul x Nadia Mukami. Nikune. 536k views in 1 week.
  5. Daily Nation. Homa bay driver’s full viral video claiming he is healthy. 119k views in 2 days.
  6. Femi One x Mejja Utawezana. 3.9M views in 2 weeks.
  7. Boondocks Gang 420. 167k views in 3 days.
  8. Mark Angel Comedy National Lockdown. 1.3M views in 6 days.
  9. Switch Tv Switch TV – Dj Flinch wants Azziad to dance to Utawezana. See her reaction. 423k views in 1 week.
  10. Ochungulo Family Pandemik. 243k views in 1 week.

Honorable Mentions

  1. Mca Tricky – Hapa akipewa atawezana ft Suzie Actress, Ann. 318k views in 1 week.
  2. Daily Nation – Prof Ken Walibora buried in Chelang’any, Transnzoia County. 72k views in 1 day.
  3. Femi One – Lock Down Freestyle. 198k views in 3 days.

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