24 April Trend Report

1. BanUmoInnerSacco – An umoinner sacco bus got stuck on a railway on its way to Umoja and was rammed into by a train, which could not stop in time. This incident has brought up a lot of issues with the sacco on twitter, as one by one, their evils are being brought out. Some KOT are tweeting about a similar incident that happened at the same spot years ago. Others are complaining about the sacco’s malpractices of hiking fare and reckless driving, calling for the sacco to be banned.


2, Sarova – Sarova Hotels have decided to give lunch to the more than 200 front-line healthcare workers at Kenyatta National Hospital and Mbagathi for the next 30 days. This move has been lauded. However, some KOT had issue with the first meal the healthcare workers were given, githeri. The name Sarova is associated with a certain class and it was therefore expected that their meals would be of the best quality.

3. KEMRI – The Medical Research Institute has been trending after it announced that it has completed sequencing of the covid-19 virus and will release results that will inform vaccine development within a week. There is also a video circulating on twitter, in which there are talks of an Oxford developed vaccine being tested in Kenya. KOT have asked Kemri to verify such reports and ensure that due process and public participation is followed before agreeing to give up Kenyans as lab rats.

4. Sudi – Murkomen and Sudi visited the victims of the landslide in Elgeyo Marakwet and addressed them in large gatherings. KOT have pointed out the clear defiance of covid-19 directives. The crowds were endangered as they did not have masks and did not observe social distancing. Some KOT have called for action to be taken agains Sudi and Murkomen for endangering citizens, unless they are above the law. Sudi made a remark about the Presidential succession, saying that no matter who Uhuru chose as his successor, Ruto had to be president.

5. Oxford – The University of Oxford is said to be preparing vaccine that they will first test in Kenya. KOT have raised objections to Kenyans being used as guinea pigs for the test and have called on the Ministry of Health to confirm such reports. However, in a statement, Health CAS Rashid Aman said that the government had not received official communication from Oxford regarding the vaccine. If Oxford does reach out, the CAS said that there are strict policies to be followed by the Pharmacy and Poisons board before the vaccine can be released to Kenyans.


6. Atwoli – Atwoli called a press conference to speak as the COTU secretary general. One of the matters he addressed was the upcoming Labor Day on 1st May. However, according to KOT, he called the press conference to talk about Ruto and the Ruai land issue. Miguna Miguna has labelled Atwoli a urinator. KOT are also of the opinion that Atwoli is one of the people who should be arrested for breaking covid-19 rules on lockdown. They are also of the opinion that he doesn’t really have the interests of workers at heart and should step down as he is only interested in politics.

7. WelcometoKenya – KOT have been using this hashtag to sarcastically celebrate Kenya.

8. Bungoma – A young Class 3 boy from Bungoma has been trending after he made an invention that enables hand washing without touching anything using locally sourced materials. The boy received recognition from the Ministry of Health twitter page. KOT have been calling on politicians to sponsor the boy’s innovation.

9. KenyaChat – KOT have been using this hashtag to raise and discuss the issues that affect them. Among other things, there are still some Kenyans who believe that covid-19 is some sort of scam.

10. Mutahi – Mutahi Ngunyi has been trending in relation with his role at K24. KOT seem to think that he is not to be trusted in his political analysis as he is partial.

Trending on digital news:


1. Chinese ship captain, crew throw 2 Tanzanian stowaways into ocean over coronavirus fears. The 2 Tanzanian stowaways had almost succeeded in getting to their destination when the crew discovered that they were on the ship. They then put them on a raft and left them in an area that is known for the sharks that frequent it. The 2 survived and the ship was later impounded by the South African Authorities. Click here to read more.

2. Which Kenyans? Ambassador Sarah Serem rubbishes claims Kenyans in China slept on streets. The Ambassador has said, in the Daily Nation, that all actions who were evicted in China were assisted by the embassy. To the best of the embassy’s knowledge, no Kenyan citizen has been sleeping on the streets in China. Click here to read more.

3. Ghana becomes first country in the world using drones to speed up covid-19 testing. Ghana is the first country in the world to use drones to transport samples, which is speeding up testing especially in remote areas. The USA is expected to be the next country to use drones to fight covid-19. Click here to read more.

4. Rapper Eko Dydda released from quarantine center days after his arrest. Activist Boniface Mwangi confirmed that Eko Dydda had been released from quarantine, thanking the government officials behind the scenes who had done the right thing. Click here to read more.

5. Ksh 40 billion? Not us: Treasury says it has spent only kshs 18 billion on covid-19. The CS Treasury, in a tweet, responded to claims that the government had been spending a billion a day during the pandemic, saying that they were false. The 40 billion shillings were an allocation and not a total of everything that had been spent. Click here to read more.

Trending on YouTube:

  1. Khaligraph Jones ft Masauti Hao. Official Music Video. 501k views in 2 days.
  2. Sauti Sol Brighter Days ft Soweto Choir. 829k views in 1 week.
  3. Bahati: Pain as Bahati speaks out|Reasons why I shut down EMB record label. 268k views in 5 days.
  4. Willy Paul x Nadia Mukami. Nikune. 570k views in 1 week.
  5. Daily Nation. Homa bay driver’s full viral video claiming he is healthy. 135k views in 3 days.
  6. Boondocks Gang 420. 189k views in 4 days.
  7. Mark Angel Comedy National Lockdown. 1.4M views in 1 week.
  8. Femi One x Mejja Utawezana. 4M views in 3 weeks.
  9. Daily Nation – Prof Ken Walibora buried in Chelang’any, Transnzoia County. 99k views in 2 days. .
  10. Ochungulo Family Pandemik. 261k views in 1 week.

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