28 April Trend Report

1. Nairobi Hospital – Nairobi Hospital, and the government as well, have been under fire by the KOT after reports that a covid-19 test will cost sh.10,000. KOT sense foul play and corruption by the government, which has received huge donations and should be in a position to test its citizens without exorbitant charges. KOT can’t help but be bitter after comparing the sh.10000 charges in Kenya and the sh.100 in Senegal for the same test. However, some KOT are of the opinion that Nairobi Hospital has the right to charge the amount they see fit. Kenyans who don’t want to pay sh.10000 for the tests are free to seek the services of other hospitals.

2. William Ruto – The DP has been trending amid reports that he has been betrayed by Uhuru Kenyatta. The President is alleged to be forming a coalition with the likes of Raila and Gideon Moi against Ruto. Ruto’s supporters have continued to strongly defend him and to claim that Uhuru can do what he wants because he does not control the Kikuyu. They are of the opinion that Ruto does not need Uhuru to win. Opponents of Ruto claim that he does not have the ability to defeat the combined power of the Uhuru, Moi and Odinga dynasties.


3. Kenyatta University – Kenyatta University is among the facilities being used for quarantine. A video has been making rounds on twitter in which a quarantined Kenyan is threatening to jump from the top floor of a building. He claims that he is tired of being mistreated. He is most likely alluding to emerging reports that Kenyans who have tested negative and have already been in quarantine for more than 14 days, are still kept under quarantine at their own costs. There is a general feeling of discontent with the government on twitter, with many KOT being of the opinion that the government, as usual, is looting public money – this time at the direct expense of its citizens.

4. NHIF – KOT have been complaining about NHIF. Apparently, NHIF doesn’t pay for much,. yet people make contributions every month. KOT are convinced that some hospitals collude with NHIF to loot the money that citizens pay monthly. Some are of the opinion that NHIF should be made optional.

5. Duale – Duale has been trending after he said that Ruto and Uhuru have a secret card that they’re hiding and that they will inevitabley betray Raila, regardless of the current outlook. He has also been trending after NTV reported that he had been fingered by Kanini. KOT misinterpreted the word “finger.” However, it turns out that finger is actually an English word that means to point at and that the NTV editors were therefore justified in using the word. Click here to read more about the fingering.


6. Waititu – Waititu has been trending as KOT revived the famous Waititu jokes. Here are some of his famous quotes.


Trending on Digital News:

1. Coronapreneurs: Meet Galileo Club Owner Richard Ngatia Who Is Selling Jack Ma’s Equipment Donations With Government Officials. This is a vitriol filled story of the shameless public looting that individuals allegedly allied to the Presidency are engaging in. They have found a way to make big cash during corona. Click here to read more. KenyanDigest

2. New revelations emerge on Churchill’s alleged failure to pay employees. Comedians working on Churchill Show contacted Edgar Obare to confirm the reports that Churchill was not paying his comedians. They insisted on anonymity. Click here to read more. opera

3. City pastor reports CS Kagwe to Uhuru. A city pastor, Godfrey Migwi, has written to Uhuru, telling him that CS Kagwe disobeyed one of his directives. According to the pastor, Uhuru has never ordered for churches to be closed. Instead, it is the CS who misinterpreted the President’s orders. Click here to read more. kenyans.co.ke

4. Monthly sh100k prize for covid-19 videos launched. Ezekiel Mutua will be giving sh.100,000 to 2 lucky winners every month, starting this May. To stand a chance to win, you have to create a video promoting awareness of covid-19 in a clean manner. Click here to read more. kenyans.co.ke

5. High Court stops demolition of Sonko Rescue Team sanitizer booths. After police demolished some sanitizer booths, the Sonko Rescue Team moved to court. The high court has issued orders restraining the demolition of booths, pending the hearing and determination of the case. Click here to read more.

Trending on YouTube:

  1. Khaligraph Jones ft Masauti Hao. Official Music Video. 1.1M views in 6 days.
  2. Mark Angel Comedy Househelps. 1.3M views in 4 days.
  3. Bahati. Covid-19. Mwisho wa Dunia. 157k views in 1 day.
  4. Muigai Kigutha. Thai thai Ngai by Wanjiku Muigai and Muigai Njoroge. 130k views in 3 days.
  5. Sauti Sol Brighter Days ft Soweto Choir. 957k views in 1 week.
  6. Daily Nation. Homa bay driver’s full viral video claiming he is healthy. 191k views in 1 week.
  7. Willy Paul x Nadia Mukami. Nikune. 665k views in 1 week.
  8. Bahati: Pain as Bahati speaks out|Reasons why I shut down EMB record label. 294k views in 1 week.
  9. Henry Desagu. Forced Karantine with Beautiful Girls. 61k views in 3 days.
  10. Inooro TV. Ihiga riumite matuini? Aikari kumakio ni mururumo wa ihiga riraumire iguru, kuguira nyumba Kirinyaga. 79k views in 2 days.

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