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Hii ni ya watu wazima na sio watoto…before verse toa Mary Jane🍁🍁 shika na mkono..(Magix Enga,2019) haha…i feel like asking Dr. Sichangi Kama nimereference vizuri haha😂😂..So today marking 420 here goes a revolution against Stivo Simple Boy’s notion “Vijana tuwache mihadarati” haha we have all the time nways, or do we?🤔

Mihadarati, Bhangi🙊…Loord here in Kenya your children call your plant a lot of not good names and di polis 😒😒…..story for another day. So now that y’all in quarantine and netflixing and other crazy shit I see on soshi, #letHuddaMonroebe..punani ni yake!🙄..as for Xtian Dela, issa free world yoh!🤔

Nways with the world outchea ending like no one’s business, my fat ass decided to challenge myself on writing about the national cannabis holiday 420 and it’s meaning. So let’s nduthis..Get your mind off the Rona for a minute.😋

Come on…first of all they say wear masks and shit😷. Na watu wako na lungs za snoop dogg itabidi mmejikaza kubreathe under the masks😂😂…But for this conversation lesbionest and put the hypothetical masks off ..let’s all have a real talk here.🌚 According to research Kenya makes top 10 list of highest weed consuming countries in Africa with 3.3 million marijuana users ,,,so I’m prolly talking to them plus the critics but definitely not the plesdent.👻 #100READERSCHALLENGE! 🥳Mtawezana??🌚

I did some digging to understand the origin of the word 420 and the cannabis holiday as well. Turns out it was worth it..mbikos folks, it is a very interesting story..😋

Sons, It all goes back to 1971 with five high school students from San Rafael high school in Carlifonia namely Steve Capper, Jeffrey Noel, Larry Schwartz, Dave Reddix and Mark Gravich named as the ‘waldos’ mbikos they yustu hang out on a wall outside the school. They chose the 1940 Loius Pasteur Statue as their meeting place where they would partake the devil’s spinach 🍁🍁at 4:20 PM when their extracurricular activities had ended.🤪

Anyways so later Reddix’s brother introduced him to a certain band as a roadie and this is where he continued to popularize the number 420 . So one day in Oakland, in 1990 a group of singers were handing flyers to people to shmoke at 4:20, one flyer lands on a former reporter of the High Times magazine. The magazine printed the flyer and the number grew famous, soon known world wide as the shashamane code. In 1998 the Waldos were recognized as “inventors” of 4️⃣2️⃣0️⃣( haha shmoke every time I mention 4️⃣2️⃣0️⃣)

Fun fact I learnt is that 420 road sign posts are oftenly stolen 😂😂..ngesema izo avenues but about 80% of us hear those cities in movies so google.😌 Another fun fact is that the dial-code for Czech Republic is 420 and even though cannabis is illegal there, people smoke weed like crazy!!😆

Washington D.C ‘S mayor Muriel Bowser was granted a plate number 420 for succeeding in legalizing weed in that state.🤔.same thing shoulda been done to the late former MP Ken Okoth👏 for his efforts to legalize mary jane for medication purposes in a country where the society judges with keen eyes…simrelax chuarry! Hamskii ii shyet ni world wide? Haha.

Majuu they have international days for weed related protests and events mainly termed as ‘civil disobedience’ but they do it anyway. Try doing that in Kenya utakula viboko nanii? ..😂😂🗑️🗑️Sad thing is how the law is harsh against this plant in Kenya given the fines and jail sentences for possession and shit but the law is the law😷. Amen. Gengetone.💕 Amen. 270 confirmed million wamebaki. 😓Amen.

So my research didn’t stop there either, I decided to do something called sijui what sampling.😂 Asked around to know why people really consume cannabis and concluded that📝; a larger percentage of people shmoke for relief purposes as compared to fun purposes…or it at least starts as fun . I mean if Tom got in this bad car accident and it involved a lot of trauma and never really got over it and needs to medicate who are you to say don’t? (Not that Tom did) However, some people still do it fi di culture😊 with others being just peer pressure..

Everyone was like screw what the society or other people think..they have this , “aye, we brought our drums and this is how we dance … if you do not like our 808’s then, leave us alone 🤷cause we don’t need your policies, we, have no apologies for being.” …Alessia Cara typa attitude. But I know they smart asses and stay low-key and outta trouble.😌

As a youth therapist haha I would say the most important thing in this life is control. Being in control and owning your shit is important.💯💯.So the question about whether people are in control of their smoking goes like there’s a number that is in control but a larger group was not in control…for this reason I’d like to advise pot smokers around the world that issokay y’all can calm down y’all’s demons but make sure you stay aware of yourself and in control..not the joint controlling you…💌 Everything is about mindset …tell yourself you’re pretty and in control.💋

Is no kidding that after some period of use, weed might become a necessity 🤢but atleast y’all convinced me that you can stay without use. Good.But then came to confuse me further by saying y’all ain’t quitting soon tho🤔…But I gerit … it’s called the connection you have with the plant🤗…Mwana wefue si mnapenda nduku!🤯🍁💯

Come on don’t look at me like dat, 🥴your hounor ⚖️weed is all over gengetone media and other media so the people have fi know…and plus, if I don’t document it, it will be like ignoring what is really infront of our faces as society all for clout but mama don’t do no clout..🤐

Uuuu…Sasa twende Basi next topic!! Ushaifanya stingo adi yeye akacopy? Aaaa sorreee I meant to say the next topic was about side effects which most peeps hit the ignore button (p.s I’m also many people) #IAin’tNoJesus😷..but also some mind the side effects..It’s important to know what you’re taking. At least we can all agree meditations are meditations no bad thought on that..😌

Speaking of meditations, I became curious to know what each of them had meditated about the Chinese Virus. Soree I meant the Rona virus😢.(.Yes we’re back to the Elephant in the room).Looordt! si I long for the day I’ll stop typing the Cory virus on dis blog. Amen🥵. So half have not thought about the pandemic, Good for y’all but half + one have thought about it so I was like what do you think then? Sons, it’s bad.. just obey the ten commandments!…😿








#RastafariNuhGiveUp .WhenTheGoingGetToughTheToughGetGoing.( to Blacks in China)🤗



And the final stoner commandment:


Lastly there was the question that is in the mind of every hustler rynnow, Fight Corona or fight hunger? 🥵So according to the anecdotic ‘research’ I did, most of the respondents chose to fight the Rona but still go to work while ensuring to observe the rules. Well, si ni life.🤷

Seeing that the Rona has left millions around 189 million people(and counting) jobless around the world, yoh! If only employers could atleast try to heed what C.S Kagwe told them the other day, to atleast give their workers on unpaid leave a minimum kakitu to support their basic needs especially rent 😣.I mean fi di love..🥺🥺

But at the same time, kudos and much appreciation to leaders and organizations that have come up with means of aiding the country and globally during these tricky times.. 👏🙌starting with the former P.M Hon. Raila Odinga and friends doing a good work in kibra and other towns in the CBD, Mr Jack Ma for helping African countries with masks, detection kits, protective clothing etc,

Companies like superfoam mattress company for donating special mattresses to govt hospitals, Devki Steel Mills for pledging Oxygen masks worth 100 million, Cooperative bank, Amfref Health Africa, Mr Jimmy Wanjigi, Sonko rescue team,Bidco company, Bill gates foundation, Kenya Breweries and AKOTHEE FOUNDATION just to mention a few..Sir Jah awabless and protect.#THANKYOU💌💚🖤

Speaking of recognition, si genge la bundoksi wapewe Konyagi na mali Safi kwa bill yangu? Plus a share of the 200 million the prezzo was talking about.😻😻😻😻😻

On the issue of face masks, it might take a while before we all adjust to this new culture but we have no choice, preferred masks are N-95 masks and surgical masks but home made masks are preferred since they’re washable. Whichever, whatever , however and whenever just put on a bloody mask in public.😷

Haha I low-key love C.S Dr. Magoha for his Savage comments all the time…saying no postoment of national exams yet and parents should see what other parents and their children in other countries are doing.🤨.Online classes….heee thank God I ain’t in session, I’m sure ngeboeka na izo online classes..my friend told me the other day that they have to listen to a calculus audio then read the notes later…weee! Ngorry!🙆😂😂
Message of hope from Queen Elizabeth the second and me too is that we shall overcome Cory.😊

It is encouraging to see young minds like the K.U students coming up with innovative ways to battle the virus,😃 of course my campus is involved too. Yes I’m a proud soon to be alumni of Dedan Kimathi University of Technology and I don’t say.😂😂 Talk of universities, Odi wa Murang’a unatuchocha tulegalize it then tena unauliza research tumefikisha wapi??? Chorea bana tuko uchago.🙄

Same same K.U students once did a mock bill on the legalization of marijuana in the country saying it being illegal has not stopped it’s use…so why not legalize and use it in controlled measures….mmmh, not bad, smart kids we got there.😌

Anyways, legal or not…I can say I agree with Steve De Angelo, an activist from California that, and I quote, ” Even if our activist work were complete, 420 comes from a statement of conscience to a celebration of acceptance, a celebration of Victory, a celebration of our amazing connection with this plant, and it will always be worthy of celebration”😌….ebu nidim io kolo Sasa..tudduus!😂❣️❣️

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