5 May Trend Report

Photo of the day: Kariobangi Evictions. KOT wonder how homeless people will avoid the trigger happy police officers enforcing the curfew

1. Tecra Muigai – Police have been conducting investigations to determine the truth surrounding Tecra Muigai’s death. It is alleged that Tecra was with Oman, a beach boy, in Lamu before her death. KOT have been struck by the fact that a young and rich girl such as Tecra preferred to be with an old beachboy. Most KOT are of the opinion that Tecra should not be judged for her choice.

2. Willis Raburu – After Raburu’s separation with his wife, some KOT have blamed for letting go of something precious in search of something that may not last. Others have taken the separation as the final proof that marriage does not work and that people should just stay single, while others are now convinced that big wedding ceremonies are a sham and that come we stay is the way to go. Some men have urged Raburu not to feel ashamed for cheating as it is in the male DNA. Meanwhile, Kenyan women have been blamed for not being humble compared to women in the rest of East Africa.


3. JaneMugohEulogizesTecra – Jane Mugoh is a private detective, who has previously been wanted by police on various charges. She is also a friend of Tabitha Karanja and knew the late Tecra Muigai. Her eulogy for Tecra on FB made her trend.


4. Eastleigh – After 29 new cases of corona were reported in Easlteigh, KOT have called on Eastleigh to be locked down. Even so, some are of the opinion that not all the positive cases are from Eastleigh because people from neighboring areas such as Kawangware were also going for testing in Eastleigh. There appears to be some concern that the rising cases of corona in the country are being contributed to by the Muslim community especially with the Ramadan festivities.

5. EquityBank1Point1Billion – This hashtag, promoted by Equity, has been celebrating the donations of the Equity Bank Group and the steps that each its constituent companies has taken to help Kenyans deal with the pandemic. KOT have praised and thanked the Equity Group Foundation.


6. UhuruMustGo – Miguna Miguna continues to lead KOT in the charge against the President. KOT have been using the hashtag to point out the failures of Uhuru. Miguna Miguna, meanwhile, has used it to consistently attack the integrity and validity of the President. Some KOT are convinced that sooner or later, there will be a revolution.

7. NoRutoorSonkoNoNews – KOT are displeased with the conduct of newspapers in the country, particularly The Standard and The Star because they always find a way to make Ruto or Sonko the headline. KOT are convinced that Ruto and Sonko are the enemies of the system, which is trying hard to bring them down through all means, including the media. It is further believed that Sonko has been fighting cartels in Nairobi, which he is now being forced to pay for. The EACC is now also believed to be a mercenary for hire after The Star reported that the anti-corruption body now targets Sonko’s properties.


8. Kariobangi Eviction – KOT are incensed by the demolition of homes in Kariobangi. Amid the curfew and the Nairobi lockdown, the demolition appears insensible as numerous families have been left without a home. The President has been blamed for allowing the demolition and the eviction has served as a catalyst for the largely insignificant but steadily growing chants for Uhuru to leave.

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