7 May Opinion Report

Tweet of the Day

1. StateofOurUniversities – The debate about Kenyan universities was sparked by an article in The Standard titled, ‘Top Universities that will easily earn you a job.” In the resulting conversation, the following emerged about how we see our universities: A good number of people are convinced that it is not your degree that matters but the connections you have. Unless you have connections, you will remain jobless. The quality of education in our universities was also faulted because most JAB students are apparently placed in courses they do not prefer simply because they cannot afford to be self sponsored and follow their dreams. There were also complaints about a curriculum that focuses heavily on theory and does not adequately prepare graduates for the job market.


2. Mpesa – A number of Kenyans took to twitter to complain about M-Pesa services accessed through the Safaricom app and KCB. Apparently, Safaricom had earlier on given a notice concerning the issue but a good number of us were caught unawares.

3. Ledama – ODM de-whipped Narok Senator Ledama from the Senate Public Accounts committee merely four days after he was elected chairman. This act has been taken as a betrayal by ODM and by extension Raila Odinga. Most Kenyans have continued to call on Ledama to be left alone to do his work. Ledama himself tweeted that he was already discharging his duties as the chairman and that Orengo’s letter is to be disregarded as it has no basis.

4. South C – Before the lock-down on Eastleigh came into effect, numerous Eastleigh residents fled to South C to avoid being under lock-down. Kenyans are calling on the government to find a way of dealing with the possible results of that movement, with some suggesting mass testing in South C.


5. Brookhouse – Kenyans have been analyzing the school fees paid at Brookhouse, where a class 8 pupil will pay more than sh 1 million per term. This is after the parents at Brookhouse went to court to protest the payment of full fees even though students are learning online. Kenyans have been marveling at the fact that there are people in this country who comfortably spend millions for their education.


6. CS Magoha – Kenyans continue to complain about CS Magoha’s decision not to postpone exams and particularly about his intention to introduce online learning for primary and secondary school students. CS Magoha is regarded by some as a dictator and as a policy maker who does not take the real state of things on the ground into consideration.

7. Eastleigh Lockdown – Since the Eastleigh lock-down, there has been a popular narrative that Somalis are being targeted. Some were of the opinion that Somalis should be targeted because, owing to the high number of cases in Mombasa, North Eastern and Eastleigh, they are contributing to the faster spread of the virus. Some have however urged the peddlers of this narrative to stop because for one, Somalis are not the only tribe that leaves in Eastleigh. Meanwhile, it is alleged that influential people in Eastleigh are paying people in Mathare to protest for the lifting of the lock-down in Eastleigh.


8. Senate Public Accounts – The ensuing drama as ODM tries to block Senator Ledama from chairing the Public Accounts committee seems to be negatively affecting ODM. In the eyes of the public, ODM is now a betrayer and no one who is not a Luo can thrive in the party.


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