8 April Trending in Kenya: Moses Kuria, Sick Mps & Azziad Nasenya

Trending on Twitter on Wednesday 8th April:

1. UnMasking Moses Kuria
Yesterday morning from 7 – 8 am, Moses Kuria was a guest on Mulembe FM apparently to sensitize Kenyans on Corona virus. However, his interview received unexpected reactions. #KOT blasted him for violence against women, citing instances like the assault on Kiambu based political activist Joyce Wanja. He was also criticized for nepotism in the awarding of tenders in his constituency and for ranting about underpants in a children function. Kuria, in a statement on his twitter account, “Whoever has paid some few prostitute bloggers to hate on me for choosing Mulembe FM to talk to Kenyans as opposed to where you thought I would go, Shindwe! Kenya is One. Nawaonea 18”

2. Lee Funeral Home & 17 Mps
The Star reported that 17 Mps had tested positive for corona virus. Senate Speaker Kenneth Lusaka discounted the claims, saying that parliament sittings were cancelled after the presidential order for cessation of movement in and out Nairobi. However, #KOT rejoiced at the news of Mps contracting the virus. Most tweeps were of the opinion that it would be good for the legislators to be forced to seek medical attention from the health facilities that they have long neglected. Normally, legislators fly abroad for treatment, which is currently not an option. Some tweeps expressed their shock that Kenyans would wish their elected leaders dead.

3. Health CAS Mercy Mwangangi
Of late, Mercy Mwangangi has been giving the briefings from Ministry of Health. Mutahi Kagwe, who was initially a darling seems to have fallen out with #KOT. Instead, they have taken to praising Mwangangi, saying that she should give all the briefings henceforth. Most tweeps commented on the beauty of the CAS, asking whether she was single.

4. I Stand With Pastor Chris
Pastor Chris, in a video that went viral, linked the Corona virus pandemic to 5G network and the Antichrist. He said that churches had been closed to allow the installation of 5G devices, which was in accordance with the Antichrist agenda. Some tweeps supported the pastor and reiterated the opinion that Corona virus and the quarantine are just a smoke screen to hide a bigger agenda. On the other hand, some criticized the pastor as a conspiracy theorist.

5. Tony Gachoka
Tony Gachoka was trending after his Point Blank show on KTN was cancelled. He says on his twitter account that he chose to suspend the show because of the virus, denying claims that he was sacked. #KOT, however thought his show because DP Ruto was no longer attracting the public’s attention, seeing as the Point Blank show mainly revolved around politics. Some tweeps supported the suspension of the show, calling Tony a drunkard and a journalist who did not value objectivity.

6. Naivas
Naivas was trending for awarding two policemen, Amina Ramadhan and Ibrahim Abajilla with televisions and gift vouchers. The awards were given in recognition of the policemen’s humane conduct during curfew. On the first night of curfew, Amina helped a mother and child while her fellow policemen were busy beating up Kenyans.

7. KomesaCorona
The komesa corona hashtag is mainly being used by the Ministry of Health’s twitter account to give updates and safety guideliens on Corona. #KOT discussing corona virus are also using the tag.

8. WorldHealthWorkerWeek
This hashtag was trending as Kenyans and people round the world celebrated health workers; especially for their efforts and sacrifice during the Corona pandemic.

9. TuskysHomeDelivery
TuskysHomeDelivery alongside AnkoWaTuskys were trending as Tuskys has enabled its customers to shop online and get their goods delivered. People can even make orders through WhatsApp or email.

10. Djibouti
The first feature film set in Djibouti, Dhalinyaro – a coming of age film – had Djibouti trending yesterday. Many tweeps of Somali origin heaped praise on the film.

Trending on Tuko, one of the country’s leading digital news agency:

1. Corona virus: Speaker Muturi dismisses reports of covid-19 among Mps. 25000+ views
2. Love with no bounds: Bahati’s baby mama proudly flaunts fruits of single motherhood. 61000+ views
3. What are the latest updates on covid-19 in kenya? 70000+ views
4. Kenyans demand names of 17 Mps, senators who tested positive for covid-19 be made public
5. Family planning it is: DJ Mo wants no more kids after staying home with his. 11165 views
6. AliKiba features Diamond’s baby mama Hamisa Mobetto as vixen in his new video Dodo 9000 views
7. 20 best money making apps in Kenya for genuine income online 44034 views
8. Utawezana beauty Azziad Nasenya captures Zari Hassan’s brother’s heart 24661 views
9. 9 mouth watering videos of Utawezana challenge online sensation Azziad Nasenya 59000+ views
10. Corona virus: Government cofirms 7 more positive cases pushing tally to 179

Trending on YouTube on April 8:

1. FemiOne X Mejja – Utawezana official video. 1.2 M views in 6 days
2. Utawezana by Dj Shiti, Azziad Nasenya clip showing Dj Shiti’s reaction to Azziad Nasenya’s video, in which she dances and lip syncs to the Utawezana song. 156k views in 1 day
3. Mca Tricky x Rue Baby Rege. This video is a parody of Diamond and Tanasha Donna’s song, Gere. 416k views in 5 days
4. Ethic – Quarantei. 627k views in 1 week
5. Khaligraph Jones – Roll With You Official Video 140k views in 1 day
6. Drake – Toosie Slide Official Music video.
7. NTV’s clip: Curfew: Motorist almost ran over Embu County Commissioner while escaping arrest – 402k views in 1 week
8. Alikiba – DODO. 295k views in 7 hours
9. Samspedy: African Home: When the Boredom Hits You Really Hard – Comedy video 955k views in 4 days
10. Tuko: Kenyans Angry Message to President Uhuru over curfew 347k views in 1 week

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