8 May Opinion Report

Tweet of the day from popular local show actress Maria
  1. Ruto Cares – Reports emerged on twitter that Ruto has been donating food. His supporters say that unlike other donors, Ruto has been giving his donations silently and without the hullabaloo that we have come to associate with donations. Therefore, his supporters tell us that we should take his donations to be sincere unlike the PR stunts of others. However, a huge section of Kenyans is convinced that Ruto’s donations either a publicity tool or a scam altogether. They are convinced that he actually sponsored the tag RutoCares. Both sides seem willing to bet their lives on their opinions on the matter and it is difficult for a neutral party to determine the truth simply from looking at what people are saying. At the end of the day, the deciding factor becomes whether you believe Ruto is a villain or a heroine.

2. Health CAS Rashid Aman – Mutahi Kagwe fell from grace in the public eye when he fired a senior KEMRI scientist and allowed 4M to be spent on tea in his ministry. Since then, the public has been out-rightly criticizing him. The CAS Rashid is neither being praised like Mutahi Kagwe in his first days nor being castigated like Mutahi recently. The public is busy giving suggestions to the CAS and complaining about what they think is going wrong at the ministry. This is a good sign for Rashid as it shows that the public has not lost faith in him. However, he is very far from being like Joho who has been riding on a wave of unanimous public satisfaction with his performance.

3. Kenyatta – The President has been under constant criticism since the corona pandemic started. Every failure of the government, from the theft in the ministry of heist, sorry, health to police brutality and the evictions in Kawangware have been connected to him as the head of government. Some kenyans seem to believe that Raila will eventually betray the President and that judging by the attacks on government as reported by The Standard, the betrayal is already underway. More and more Kenyans also continue to express the general feeling that Uhuru should not be president and that he must go, with some pointing to a revolution or something of the sort. Miguna Miguna has been the main advocate of the idea that Uhuru must go and that there should be a revolution. His work seems to be bearing slow but sure fruit.

4. Raila Odinga – Since the handshake, Kenyans have been complaining about the death of the opposition and the subsequent freedom of the government to do evil without any sort of oversight. Today, as reported by The Standard, there seems to be a rift in the handshake. Kenyans were quick to say that they knew the handshake was a scam and that it would fail; ending up in betrayal. However, other Kenyans have sought to correct the outlook that the handshake is crumbling. This second camp points out that the reason politicians from Nyanza appear hostile on the government is because they are fighting for the rights of their electorate, especially considering the recent floods. One thing is clear: Whichever position the media like newspapers adopt, be it wrong or right, is the position that most Kenyans adopt.

5. Itumbi – Itumbi has been fighting for Ruto. Today, he sought to propagate the narrative that Ruto has been giving out donations without press drama like other donors. Some Kenyans, most probably those not on Ruto’s side, have been criticizing Itumbi, arguing that if Ruto’s donations were not for PR, Itumbi himself would be silent about them. Itumbi’s intelligence has also been attacked by Mutahi Ngunyi in a tweet that has been received with interest by Kenyans.


6. Nairobi CBD – Kenyans are sensing doom following reports of a 3pm curfew being imposed in Nairobi to discourage Nairobians from going to work. Meanwhile, there is a feeling that, especially in Nairobi, people have grown less cautious about the Corona virus.

7. Babu Owino – The online KCSE lessons that Babu is giving have continued to work in his favor. When he began giving the lessons, some Kenyans tried to bring up the DJ Evolve shooting, claiming that Babu was only doing PR to try and cleanse that crime from the memory of Kenyans. If that was his aim, then he has succeeded. Kenyans continue to view him as an extremely intelligent man who cares for the welfare of students and by extension, Kenyans. His decision to ignore Belio Kipsang’s ban on his classes has been received well.

8. Kasarani – Kasarani clubs are ready to open even after the announcement that Kasarani has 4 covid-19 cases. Some Kenyans have expressed alarm at this. Others have asked the ministry of health to be specific about where this cases are within Kasarani to help the people take better precautions.


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