May 25 Public Opinion Report

1. Ruto and Uhuru Assassination – The top trend today on twitter has been #RutoWantedToKillUhuru. Via this hashtag, Kenyans expressed their varied and conflicting opinions. It’s been chaos. Some genuinely believe that there was an assassination attempt on the President at the Kisumu airport some time ago – though the news site claimed to have circulated this report denied it as fake. Others think that this trend is sponsored by Kieleweke as they try to pave way for the DP’s impeachment or even assassination. There is also a rumor going round that someone donated poisoned food with the intention of framing the Deputy President. The variety of conspiracy theories, most of them groundless, is worrying. But what’s even more alarming is that Kenyans are falling for them.

2. Tanzania declared Covid-19 free – Kenyans have reacted with surprise after Magufuli kicked out WHO and banned the use of face masks in Tanzania. WHO was kicked out after papaya and goat samples secretly sent in for testing by Magufuli came back positive. The view that covid-19 is fake has been expressed by some and Magufuli has been viewed as an African hero. On the other hand, some Kenyans view Magufuli as crazy and Tanzania as a growing threat to Kenya, due to their increasingly relaxed handing of covid-19.

3. Justice for Dj Evolve – Babu Owino’s ride in public glory due to his online KCSE lessons seems to have come to an end, at least for now. Kenyans have risen once again to call for justice in the Dj Evolve case. The DJ is still in hospital with a staggering bill, despite Babu severally claiming that Evolve is faring well and that the bills have been cleared. Even though he seems immune to the deserved punishment, the least he could have done is ensure the bill is cleared and that the family doesn’t have to beg for money especially now when the economy is in such a bad state.

4. Coca Cola – A photo of a young girl holding a bottle of Coke with a radiant smile on her face has won the hearts of Kenyans online. Coca-Cola has been called on to use the image for their adverts. The girl has become a celebrity, with her photos circulating widely online. Already, well-wishers have pledged to support her education once schools resume. The girl from Baringo has dreams of being a model when she grows up.

5. IEBC – Kenyans are of the opinion that IEBC is a scam and should be disbanded. The result of every election they have overseen is questionable. This has stemmed mainly from the election data that IEBC released online, ostensibly for accountability, not knowing that it would be used as a weapon against them. It is widely believed that the last 2 elections were held irregularly and that Uhuru and Ruto did not win fairly.

6. Africa Day – Kenyans joined the rest of Africa in celebrating Africa Day and took to twitter to express their pride in being African.

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