A New Dawn for Theatre in Kimathi


Kimathi has been lagging behind in most co-curricular activities for quite some time. With a few exceptions like our handball team – which has consistently made us proud – we’ve been performing poorly in most sports. This poor performance extends to school events and activities. Again, there’s an exception here: The Worship Night, who go out of their way every year to give us an amazing experience. Thank you, Worship Night team.

It was a mega worship night indeed

There seems to be new hope for Kimathi in yet another area, theatre. A group of writers called Fusion are staging a play and they seem to mean business. You’ve probably seen the below poster while walking around Kimathi. The poster advertises the auditions for this play.

According to our sources, the auditions did happen. There was a pretty good turn up and after speaking to some of the guys who attended the audition, the auditoning process was just like it should be – professional and aimed at quality.

Some of the actors who turned up for auditions
Another group of actors who auditioned
The venue of the auditions was R8

It’s not that there haven’t been plays in Kimathi before. It’s just that they have been boring. Hopefully, these Fusion Writers have something good in store for us, something that’s not boring. So far, all signs give us reason to be confident in them and eager to see what they have in store for us. For starters, their promotion and advertising seems organized, which in the least, shows that they’re serious with what they are doing. Also, the fact that they did an audition speaks in their favor since the other guys never held auditions open to the public.

After establishing contact with a member of their team, she told us that the play was set to be staged on 8th November. The venue is yet to be confirmed. We even got her to send us this interesting graphic with the name of the play.

Well, Fusion, whoever you guys are, know that Kimathi needs you and please don’t fail us. Meanwhile, we’ll hold our breath and wait for what promises to be the beginning of a golden age in theatre for poor Kimathi comrades, who’ve been lagging behind for so long.


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