A Sensual Society

Today’s concepts of society, are based on the sensual, ‘Feeling good’, ‘Do as you please.’, ‘Let yourself go.’, ‘It’s your life!’ ‘I do what I like, it’s a free country.’ The individualistic, pleasure – seeking philosophy in which self is number one and so we are led into the search for physical excitement as the answer to our aching emptiness. As if sec can be a replacement of ‘Religion’ where we become eternally happy and find our true meaning and purpose in life! Commenting on this change in ‘Religious’ thinking, Malcolm Muggeridge expressed it well;’The orgasm has replaced THE CROSS as the focus of longing and the image of fulfillment.’

In the eyes In the smile In the looks of girls in magazines and in adverts saying ‘Come on. Sex is ok. Don’t fight it enjoy it.’ That’s the message; and you’d have to be deaf and blind not to notice. Sex is on the lips of others, some trying to persuade you to go their way. It is in the language, the jokes and the off-colour remarks. Ours is a world in which sex is used,  in which it’s abused and paraded. Made to seem the only way to have a happy life. It also sells. Inviting models draped across the latest car models. For what? To catch the eye?

You know what it’s all about, the ‘swimwear’ calendars, the lingerie adverts, the billboards and even the girl who eats chocolate bars or licks her lips over yogurt or who tries to make even washing powder sexy-looking! Or the idea that when you go out with a girl, to have fun you must have sex. The belief that sex makes you a man. The stories that friends tell you about their sexual activities(often made up!) How sad that a few moments of physical pleasure become the greatest objective, the one thing that is supposed to be truly meaningful! Yes, sex is wonderful, but it cannot be life-philosophy! If we replace God with sex, then we are not far from the pagan Canaanites and their fertility religions and we animalize our natures.

In conclusion it is not that I am malicious to our beautiful and wonderfully made queens and princesses no i appreciate their being in this world. It should be known that everyone is precious in his/her own way. We are all not perfect but we need to try to do the best to become the best because this world needs the moral ones to succeed. Let’s not conform to the crime-ridden, sex-ridden, fear-ridden come sensually unstable society….

             By WaErima Dennis


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