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Anna had just faced the worst fear of her life. A nightmare. One that could only be compared with the encounter of a bull in a Spanish arena, or so she thought. And, to a great extent, she was right.

Anna felt the warm trickle of blood down her legs, right in the middle of her calf, then finally its ironic saunter slightly above her ankle. She lay in her bed, buried deep in her covers, streams of endless tears flowing down her cheeks. She could not help but notice the characteristic period odors; a slight smell of blood, chased by the nauseating smell of iron and bacteria.
The events of the past two hours had tested her very self to the core and in so doing, molded her into a woman of steel. Though her will at the moment was strong – gigantic perhaps – her body could not tolerate the pain and languish of the physical and psychological torture she had endured the past few weeks.

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Anna felt guilty. Her dogmatic beliefs had led her to commit an act she had never thought herself capable of. Abortion! Abortion! Abortion! This word kept ringing at the back of her mind, time and time again – as though it was permanently embedded somewhere in the middle of her sub conscious. She kept whispering the same word over and over again.

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Believe it or not, this was her definition of liberation. Liberation from the bondage of culturalism and religious fanaticism. She had defied all odds and decided that her life was her own to decide – opinions and suggestions from second and probably third parties concerning her well-being were welcome of course – but she would not be bound by the rules of society and its judicial persecution. The act of giving up her baby had broken her heart, knowing that there was nothing she could ever do to make up for the grave mistake she had made. However, Anna consoled herself in knowing that the child had been barred from entry into a world so full of judgemental, hypocritical nincompoops. In so doing, she had ultimately caused two deaths – one physical, another emotional. It was only after Anna had given up her baby that the reality of the irony of abortion hit her hard, making her fathom that life was the greatest lottery above all.

Admittedly, too many young mothers just like Anna find themselves in unwanted situations which carry with them very difficult and painful decisions. These we cannot overlook. Such unfortunate mothers deserve our mercy, compassion, kindness and love rather than harsh words and uncharitable judgement. Nonetheless, their difficult plight can never warrant an unwarranted solution; the extermination of their defenseless baby.

Eliminating the problem resolves nothing, but instead often triggers a long path of guilt and depression. In a haste to solve the problem, such mothers ignore the long-term consequences for both themselves and child. Both will inevitably suffer. Death to the child… and to themselves. One dies physically, the other begins dying spiritually and emotionally. Thus, under the banner of liberation, society has ultimately enslaved souls. In a frenzy to respect a woman’s choice, we impede her from making a choice that is true and just, and offer her a false sense of liberty on a silver platter.

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Ever wondered what propels such a woman kill her own flesh and blood? What kind of person kills a life created in a pure act of love? My best bet is fear. Fear of the unknown. Fear can either bring out the best in a person, or the worst. It makes an individual do such unfathomable things as abortion. Interestingly, fear is the greatest weapon in god’s arsenal. It is why the church created hell – the perfect motivating factor towards performing deeds deemed appropriate by the church. Crazy, right?

To some, God alone is the master of life and death, not us. We have no right to choose when someone will come into existence. Nor do we have the right to decide when someone will cease to exist. To such individuals, committing an abortion is a horrible infringement on the rights of God. Well, let me jog your senses for a bit. What have individuals born with horrible genetic defects and malformations done to deserve a life of suffering? Take the example of leukemias – a cancer of blood forming tissues, hindering the body’s ability to fight infection. Such, I guess, are the works of art by God.
Do not mistake my opinions here as a contradiction to religion and basic laws of nature. I’m just trying to be open – minded. Walk with me and you will realise that we have been bound by the chains of religion for far too long.

Personally, I am a Christian. The interesting fact is that I am only a Christian because my country, Kenya, was colonised by the Britons who happen to be Christians. Take another example of children born in the Coast. Most of them end up becoming staunch Muslims simply because such a region was inhabited by individuals of Arabic origin who happen to be Muslims.
Thus, the difference between a Muslim in Coast and that of Christian in Central Kenya, for instance, is not essentially religion but stratification in terms of geography. I am hoping that by this time, I have caught your attention. If not, kindly take your time and re- read a few of the paragraphs above.

Before I pen off, I would like to state that abortion can essentially be a safe procedure when done right under the instruction of a qualified doctor. In the same vein, it can be a potentially dangerous and life- threatening procedure if done wrongly and for ‘personal’ purposes rather than as a medical indication.

Thank you for taking your time to read my work of literature. In so doing, you inspire me to write more and more of such insightful content.
Kindly leave a comment of your opinions on this topic in the comment section below. Cheers!

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