*By Pretty Prue*

Sheila’s POV

Finally it was Friday night and my two besties, Ameelina and Joan had convinced me to try out the new renovated club in town, Zero 19. We had just ordered various cocktails and some tequila to spike the taste. I couldn’t resist the urge to scan the place – one guy in particular caught my attention.

He was seated at a corner with a few other guys, probably his friends. His sophisticated class of elegance plus the way he seemed to have an invisible domineering power made him outstanding.

At one point, he caught me staring at him and winked – smirking in between. I tried to block off how this was having an effect on me but failed.
“Is it hot in here?”I say to my gurrlls trying to look for a distraction. “Wewe Sheila umeanza kutrip,” Joan chirps back at me. I pout back at her and excuse myself to go touch up my makeup.

As I try to navigate my way, I catch his attention and I can feel his hard stare on me. I feel him watching my every step, invading my self space and confidence. I finally make it to the lady’s room and slam the door leaning against it, eyes closed.

I had just began feeling light headed so I head for the wash basin and turn the faucet on letting the cold water wash over my face. I try tracing my hand towel but I can’t seem to find it so I look around and I stand dumbfounded, not moving.

Jayson’s POV

I was completely mesmerized by her beauty; seated over there sipping all that poison. For a second I wished I was the tequila on her lips. When I saw her heading for the lady’s room I knew I had to make a move. So I waited for her to get there first and trailed back. I carefully opened and closed the door, locking it.

She is bent over, too preoccupied to notice my intrusion. Her skirt lifted up a bit revealing her pink lingerie. The lace tracing her exposed her round sizeable booty. I had to resist the urge to grab it. I stare for a second, wild, naughty thoughts running in my mind .

I try to regain my cool.

She tries looking for something and I instantly grab the hand towel she is aiming for, enjoying her futile search. She looks around and stares speechless. Her lips are parted. How I wish I could bite them.

“Are you looking for this?”, I dangle the piece of clothing in front of her. This gets her in action trying to snatch it from my hand. “It’s mine,” she shouts, annoyed.

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“Come get it,” I tease her. She comes forward ready to claim it. But she loses control and I hold her – steadying her. Her eyes are searching, wondering what just happened. She looks at me lost in her thoughts perhaps feeling my hard features against her soft ones. She bites her cherry lips, fidgeting. The strawberry scent emanating from her is so alluring.

“Why were you staring at me?”I tease her more. Her cheeks turn red and she tries to avoid my gazing stare.

“I wasn’t staring at you,” she tries to argue. She is failing miserably. “Did you want me to kiss you?” I whisper into her ear. This gets her annoyed and she tries to break free but I quickly hold her tightly and kiss her lips intensely, pinning her hands onto the wall.

She fights me off but I keep provoking her, parting her lips. She gives in and let’s my tongue explore her, kissing me back, her hands circling my neck – needing more, her bust massaging my hard features.

I hold her hands with one of mine and start exploring with the other, cupping her lower butt cheeks… grabbing ’em. A gasp escapes her and this gets me wild and aggressive.

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I effortlessly lift her up, straddling her legs on my waist… my lips still planted on hers… tasting. I bite her lips playfully and head for her ear lobe; licking its tip and torturing her with my tongue…

‘Your mama never warned you to stay away from strangers,” I chuckle. This earns a reaction, she pulls my Afro curly hair… pushing my face into the middle of her big bust after lifting her crop top up, trying to suffocate me with it.

I grin… she messed up with the wrong one. I bite her exposed nipple from the edge of her laced bra. She moans out in painful pleasure – still shocked from the turn of events.

I carry her off and ease her on the counter sink, lifting off her top. Her bust exposed to me, I unhook her bra easily and enjoy how her boobs pop out freely.

I cup one in my hand and start sucking on the other… Licking her nipples… nibbling… teasing. She pulls my hair, enjoying the pleasure. I lower myself and get on my knees… sliding her thong off. I start licking her moist warm bud. Letting my tongue taste her liquids. She shoves my head in between her thighs closing my face up.

I suddenly get up and order her to get on her knees. This takes her by surprise but she goes ahead. Her submissive nature intrigues me. I fetch out my cock and force it into her mouth. She starts sucking it slowly, adjusting it’s massive size in between her lips.

I pull her hair and shove her head forward to make her mouth fit in my whole prick. I ram her head in and out as I move accordingly. I lift her and pin her onto the counter sink – holding her head against it. I part her legs and thrust inside her coochie, my prick enjoying how her pussy walls tighten with every thrust.

“Fuck me harder,” she pleads.

I start pounding inside her intensely pulling on her hair, her round butt bouncing. I grab on ’em and send a resounding spank on one of ’em.
“Yasssss… mmmmmmmh ….ahhhhhhh..Don’t stop,” she moans out loud
“You want more bitch!” I say harshly. I lift her up still inside her and grab on her boobs forcefully – her back leaning on my chest.

I cup her mouth with the other. I’m ramming inside her like crazy.
“Aaaaaaaaaaah yeaaah. I wanna cum,” I grunt. Her eyes are closed, lost in the pleasures, her head railing back…her braided hair flowing in waves ….

“Make me cum bitch,” I say harshly. She holds her titties out grabbing on them, rubbing on them. “Fuuuuuuck me am your little nasty bitch,” she purrs out maliciously.

I can feel my shaft ready to jet out. I withdraw it and order her to kneel down. I hold it out and cum into her mouth. She swallows every drop and licks the drip on her lips. “Mmmmmmmmh…..tasty,”she moans.

I lift her up on her toes and order her to dress up. She looks around stricken.

I motion her to the door somebody is trying to break in. “Sheila, are you in there? Are you OK?,” a deep husky voice calls out, worried. “Shit, that’s my boyfriend,” I freak out.

“Boyfriend,” he chuckles mockingly. But I don’t have time for such judgmental critics. Shit I didn’t even catch his name. I try collecting my garments hurriedly coz anytime the door will give in and this guy that just smashed me ain’t even helping.

I finally recollect myself fully dressed and just in time for my boyfriend to sweep me up in a hug. I can feel his scornful stare on me since my back is turned to him and I can’t see him.

“Trevor, am fine,” I try to convince him. He finally let go of me and faces the stranger, pissed off.

“Did he try to hurt you?” he asks me. “No he didn’t….”,I try to defend him but why do i even bother…but am cut off by the stranger’s response. “She passed out and as a gentleman I was just helping her out,” he blurts out.
“You should really watch out for your senorita she could have hurt herself,” he states sarcastically staring at me with that grin. My stupid boyfriend seems to buy this and he shakes the stranger’s hand in appreciation. The stranger walks out without staring back.

I get a sinking feeling as he walks away.

Amelina and Joan stare at me doubtfully but I just wink at them. I know they called Trevor worried about me. My boyfriend leads me to the car and we drive back home silently.

But my thoughts are filled with nasty memories of what just happened.


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