“Men are trash” is a phrase that has become more of an anthem to women across the globe. So what really makes women compare men to something worthless or good for nothing? Is it because they are very popular with the common hit and run scenarios? Is it because they just can’t seem to commit to a serious relationship? Is it because they are very good at giving the silent treatment? Or is it that we call men trash because we, women, allow them not to act right by us? Are we making things too easy for the men?

Steve Harvey wrote in his book, Act Like a Lady, Think Like a man, that real men respect standards. Women need to set the record straight with men right from the start. They need to know what women expect from them and that they are not willing to settle for less. To get what you need in a relationship, a lady needs to set standards that her man will be obliged to live up to and respect.

If you are not open to having an open relationship let him know that you intend for your relationship to be exclusive. If you value your time, let him know that you are not willing to put up with his late arrivals to your dates.

In his book Steve Harvey, who is a man, admits that men need to be guided on how to act with women. Part of setting standards for ourselves also involves allowing men to initiate relationships. A policy that has always been there since time immemorial is that men initiate while women respond. I know we are in the 21st century where women have been greatly empowered and the independence portrayed by women is phenomenal. However, in my opinion it is the men who should pursue the women. It is alright for a woman to show a special likeness, for a special someone but at the end of the day it is the man who should put in the effort to prove that he deserves the woman and all that comes along with having a pretty woman by his side.

Men have always been hardworking ever since they were condemned to toil the land in order to survive. Even during the days of our forefathers, that was always the case. When a man liked a certain lady he had to garner enough courage to go and seek the permission of the girl’s parents to court the girl. There were no phones during that time so a man’s ability to take care of the girl was shown by the work he put to impress the girl from taking long walks just to see the girl outside her compound and the little gifts he brought along with him.

Now I get it, this is the 21st century and the era of technology is here. I mean people begin and end relationships through the phone, through texts actually. Things are all too easy for the men; women are not playing hard to get anymore. Men need to hustle to get that special woman so they know just what they will be losing if they mess it up. Probably this may put an end to scenarios where a woman finds herself alone in a relationship because the man did not know that he was actually serious with someone.

Once more Steve Harvey says that women need to tell the men what they expect from them since it is not possible to just sit there and expect them to figure it out by themselves. It does not work like that with men. Besides, we, women have more power than we take credit for. After all, even after God gave man a firm warning against eating the forbidden fruit, woman was able to get man to eat the fruit. Therefore, we should not shy off from reclaiming our power. It is time for women to set reasonable standards for themselves. Let go of a man who does not respect your reasonable standards. In the end, they may not be worth your salt. Besides, when you listen to men speak, they have the standards that they look for in their future wives. Therefore, even we, women, should have the standards we expect our men to have. Maybe men are not trash and only need a nudge in the right direction.

I feel like all I have been doing is reiterating all that Steve Harvey talks about, so I am going to end here. But ladies, if you have not read it, do grab yourself a copy of Harvey’s book and watch the magic unveil, or so I hope (men, your very own, may have betrayed you).

Feel free to comment. I would like to know what you think. Thank you for reading.

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