Amos Kagiri: Panther of the Week

Kimathi comrades, allow me to call them Kimathians henceforth, have been doing what they can to fight the Corona virus pandemic. Last week’s hero developed an internet robot that answers questions about Corona and provides visual analytics by county.

This week, we feature Amos Kagiri, who has been at the forefront of youth volunteer efforts in Nyeri in partnership with the county government. Kagiri is a 5th year nursing student. As a result of his knowledge in health, he was chosen by Red Cross Nyeri to train the volunteer team that was tasked with Corona sensitization by the county government.

Afterwards, Kagiri drove around Nyeri county with the sensitization team. One of his duties included manning the public address system on a campaign style vehicle, using it to spread essential information about Covid-19 to residents. He did all this as a volunteer.

After the sensitization, the county was again in need of volunteers to help package sanitizers. Kagiri joined this program and has been spending his days in masks and gloves, packaging and branding sanitizers. Once the packaging is done, the sanitizers will be distributed across the county and Kagiri has also volunteered for this.

Kagiri spends his days volunteering and his nights part of his nights working. He does online writing, which can be involving. Asked about his schedule, he says that it can be hectic but he volunteers anyway because he loves doing it and wants to help.

Amos has had a desire to help for a long time. Before we were hit by the Corona pandemic, he had noticed the rising suicides and mental health challenges among young people and had decided to do something about it.

He founded the Mental Wellness Hub, a group that met twice a month at Central Hotel, before their meetings were disrupted by corona. They would first do a wellness check and a therapeutic exercise. The facilitator of the day would take over and lead a discussion about the day’s topic in a safe environment meant to make the participants comfortable with sharing. Guys would then go ahead to share their personal stories about rape, suicide attempts, depression and violence. In his words, “they would get real,” and he says it helps.

Kagiri did not let the corona virus deter them completely. Mental Wellness Hub still holds their discussions online, through WhatsApp. They are working with psychologists from Karia Rehab and other social workers in Nyeri to offer advice and moderate the discussions. Here is more about their online discussions:

Kijana Jasiri Foundation cares, and hence brings to you a platform and space to enrich your understanding of mental health. This is with an intent to end stigma associated with it. The online discussions will be done every Thursday of the week as from 8PM . Topics will be focused, and facilitated by experts.

16.4.2020: It’s all about Relationships & Mental Health. Join us as we explore how safe, stress-free and healthy our relationships should and can be. Join our team of psychologists, nurses, counselors and advocates as we unravel the sand stone. Click on the link below to join our WhatsApp group:

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