April 15 Trend Report

1. Ken Walibora – The nation woke up to the unfortunate news of the renowned Swahili writer’s death. On Twitter, the news first seemed like a hoax and it became certain that Walibora was dead when major media stations cofirmed it. #KOT gave their condolences to his family and shared their experiences on how the author’s books had impacted them.

2. Ruth Matete – The Tusker Project Fame winner has been trending after her husband Beloved John supposedly succumbed to injuries from a gas explosion. However, #KOT and the TwitterDCI have been on her case and have started discovering inconsistencies in the story. Most of the suspicions regarding Beloved John’s death arise from a video posted by his Nigerian manager. In the video, the manager claims that the two had problems in their marriage and that the circumstances surrounding the death are questionable. Other tweeps defended Ruth, saying that the video’s allegations were unfounded.

3. Twitter DCI – The self proclaimed investigators from among #KOT have taken it upon themselves to discover the truth surrounding the death of Ruth Matete’s husband’s death. They have even pointed out inconsistencies in Ken Walibora’s death and are in search of ‘evidence’ to set matters straight.

Click here to watch the video, which has garnered 40,000 views in 20 hours

4. Kinoo – Kinoo has been trending after its residents took to Twitter to complain about a power outage. The power outage had been brought on by rain but continued even after the rain stopped.

5. Murkomen – Murkomen has been trending after he said that most MPs cannot afford to take pay cuts because their salary is used up by mortgage and loan repayments. He himself said that he only takes home sh.10,000 and there would be no sense in cutting his salary. He has also been trending after his debate with Adan Duale on Citizen TV.


6. Citizen TV – The leading media station was trending for, among other reasons, the apology that they aired on April 14. They had used the title “Ukaidi wa Magufuli” to report on the Tanzanian’s president action against covid-19. Consequently, as reported by kenyans.co.ke, citizen TV was prevented from airing in Tanzania, prompting the media house to agree to run the apology for a week. They were also trending for the debate between Murkomen and Duale.

7. Sonko – Sonko has been trending for including hennessy bottles in the care package he is donating to Kenyans. In a video circulating online, he says he included the alcohol because it is important in the fight against corona virus. He is also trending because he has failed to assent to the county supplementary appropriation bill, sending it back to the speaker of the Nairobi County Senate.

8. Hennessy – #KOT have been celebrating Sonko’s decision to add small Hennessy bottles to his donated care package. However, others have opposed the reasoning behind the inclusion of the alcohol, quoting reports by WHO that show the ineffectiveness of taking alcohol in fighting covid-19


9. SupportReligiousLeaders – Governor Alfred Mutua released a video clip in which he calls on Kenyans to support religious leaders by giving them gifts and money since they are no longer collecting tithes and offerings from churches. #KOT condemned while others supported the governor’s call.

10. Bravin – This self-proclaimed black twitter general, who has 60,000+ followers, had his birthday today. #KOT celebrated him by tweeting congratulatory messages. Most of them saw his photo today.

Trending on digital news today


  1. Kilifi DG: I have never tested positive for covid-19. Read more here
  2. CS Kagwe captured breaking covid-19 safety rules – video. Read more here
  3. Landlord’s association waives rent. Read more here
  4. Mozzart bet donates ksh10 million in covid-19 fight. Read more here
  5. Mbagathi heatlh workers being physically abused – video. Read more here


  1. Curfew in Kenya: Uhuru’s bodyguard, disarmed, arrested for violating rules. 18,000+ views. Read more here
  2. William Ruto forced to delete tweet video of Kwale police officer fighting over bribe with boda boda rider. 20,000+ views. Read more here
  3. 50 Cent calls former friend resentful days after disowning his son. 30,000+ views. Read more here
  4. Woman honors hubby who accepted her with four kids, family disowned him. 139,000+ views. Read more here
  5. Oscar Sudi says William Ruto’s camp doesn’t fear Uhuru, will soon tell him the truth. 8,000+ views. Read more here

Top Ten on YouTube Today:

1. Femi One X Mejja – Utawezana Official Video. 2.9 M views in 1 week. Same position.
2. Alikiba – Dodo Official Video, with Hamisa Mobeto featured. 2.5M views in 4 days. Same position.
3. Dogo Charlie’s Parody of Femi One x Mejja in which he sings for an avocado. 531 k views in 6 days. Same position.
4. Dj Shiti reaction to Azziad Nasenya’s Utawezana video. 521 k views in 1 week. Same position
5. Zuchu – Wana. Official Music Video in which WCB’s new signing Zuchu sings her debut with the label. 1.7M views in 5 days. Up from number 6
6. 2020 – Boondocks Gang Covid-19 Music Video. 222k views in 4 days. Down from number 5
7. Churchill Show Sn09 Ep09 Jalango’s Journey – 125k views in 2 days. Up from number 8
8. KTN News Livestream. 782k views. Streamed 1 day ago. New.
9. Willy Paul X Nadia Mukami. Nikune Music Video 103k views in 1 day. New
10. Desagu – Desagu & Miracle Baby Sailors Under Arrest Partying As A Crowd. 115k views in 2 days. New.

Honorable mentions:

  1. McaTricky – Hapa akipewa atawezana? ft Suzzie Actress, Ann. 57k views in 1 day.
  2. Ochungulo – Pandemik Official Music Video. 58k views in 1 day.
  3. DailyNation – AP officer caught on camera fighting over alleged bribe. 58k views in 1 day.
  4. Breeder LW – Kitu Nono Remix ft Maandy, Boutross, Denzel Kong, Ssaru. 32k views in 2 days.

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