Categories – Comrades’ Choice Awards 2020

In an effort to get at least one good thing this year, DekuTrends is organizing the inaugural edition of the Comrades’ Choice Awards. Our aim is to showcase the best of DeKUT comrades under the categories below:

1. King and Queen of the Year – The most influential male and female Kimathians this past year.
2. Class Rep of the Year – For Class Reps who most genuinely represent the interests of their students.
3. Sports Personality of the Year – Kimathi students who have been shining in sports.
4. Comrade Servant of the Year – Student leaders or other students who have selflessly worked towards the improved welfare of comrades.
5. Tech Innovation of the Year – The most creative and useful innovation made by Kimathi students in the past one year.
6. Club of the Year – The school club that has had the most positive impact.
7. Talent of the Year – In search of the most talented comrade in any field with the exception of sports.
8. Student Hustler of the Year – In appreciation of the students who juggle academics with side hustles and whose businesses serve comrades.
9. Fresher of the Year – To welcome freshers and to get the most notable fresher.
10. Lecturer of the Year – To appreciate the lecturers who actually care about what they are doing.
11. The Most Influential Person per school gets an honorary mention – SOB, SOE, ITOHM etc


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