Baby Shark… Grandpa Shark…

In the previous article, we looked at milestones, and what they make us feel. (For that article, click here). 
Now in this article, we are going to look deeper into the article and see exactly the effects of achievement in the long run. 

When one achieves something, they feel really good. When they achieve something else, they feel super good. If anything else comes their way and they knock it down, they start to feel a bit unshakable, untouchable.

Let’s look at the song in the title. (For those who are unfamiliar with it, it’s a nursery rhyme sang by campus students mostly 😂😂. It just describes a family in a shark perspective- baby, mommy, daddy, grandma and grandpa.)

THE Lord is my Shepherd [to feed, guide, and shield me], I shall not lack. Psalm 23:1 AMPC

Now I will just pick something that is rather too obvious from the song and from our general knowledge. The baby Shark, lives under water. The mommy shark and daddy shark also live under water. Even the grandma and grandpa sharks live under water. 

What am I hitting at here? 

The fact that we might actually have achieved so much with God’s help doesn’t mean that we should stop relying on Him. It actually should grow a dependency on Him that goes on and on.

It’s easier for a young shark to go out of the water than it is for a ‘grandpa shark’. So it should be for us. The more we relate with God, the more grounded we should get over time, and the harder it should be for us to stray away or think that we do not need Him.

The grandpa shark is already grandpa. I mean, his son has a child. But still he doesn’t think he can survive on land. Same with us. Our walk with God, our exploits with the Holy Spirit should not lead us to thinking that we are too strong to be shaken down, but rather grow in us a dependency in Him. 

Stay Dependent!

Keep Shining, you’re the Light!

Keep Trusting, He’s your Guide!

God Bless!


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