Because Of This App, Students Can No Longer Miss Classes

Darasa. That’s the name that will make many students miserable. It is a mobile app developed by Job Getabu, a student in the School of Computer Science and Information Technology, Kimathi.

The app is already up on Google Play Store, where it is described as an attendance recording app for university students. It works this way: First, a lecturer logs in, adds his or her unit and schedules the lessons for that unit.

During a lecture, the student will scan for the lecturer using the app. Once the scan is complete, the student’s attendance for that lecture will be confirmed. After a session is over, scanning for that lecture is disabled. A student can therefore not scan afterwards.

The app has already been presented to the school registrar. However, it is yet to be approved and the necessary finances are yet to be released. Were it not for the existing financial bottlenecks, the system would already be in use this semester. It will probably be implemented next semester.

If deployed successfully, students will no longer be able to just miss classes without suffering the repercussions. One of such consequences is being barred from sitting for the end of semester exams.

We students have proven a very creative lot. We always find loopholes in the systems that the school puts in place. Is there a loophole in this system or should we just accept defeat?

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