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“When was your first time?” Campus is usually the first time for a couple of things. Ask anybody who has ever been to university when was the first time they tasted alcohol, made bucks on their own, smoked weed, lost their virginity, closed off a business deal, probably joined a cult and the answer is always related to campus. This is the time most of us had a glimpse of what Freedom feels like. I do believe some of us never had a great time in campus,with all the judgemental comments and the pressure to fit in
we ended up bottling out true selves.

Let me fill you in, as a freshman you were naive trying to fit in the various
status quo, we got the rich kids, the outgoing ones, did I mention the trendy fashionable ones and the last in the park the nerds. Sorry did that hurt your feelings? Hahaha The sad part was getting brainwashed into thinking something was always wrong with you or you were never good enough.
In Sophomore one transitions into wild, sassy, bold, outgoing, simply a free spirit.

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You now easily blend in with the cool kids and if you are a lady your taste in fashion changes to skimpy, more skin display, more glares. Ooooh and as a guy, you are the glam of the party every Friday with your boys bragging about your random flings and huge body count. After Sophomore it’s a series of messy mistakes which you come to realize too late as a finalist and there is nothing much you can do to rectify them.

At the end, I can confidently state you probably won’t remember majority of your campus mates in a matter of months or luckily years. Your so called girls and boys club won’t matter five years down the line ,since you fucked up your life and can’t recover the wasted opportunities just good memories and regrets.

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