Cervical cancer is caused by a virus called HPV which is sexually transmitted by men. Men are carriers, and when they sleep with a woman with the virus. It is all over the men genitals ,the penis ,the scrotum ,so sleeping with a man who has it with a condom doesn’t help. You will still get it. HPV has no symptoms, it’ll stay in your system for 10-20 yrs,and will eventually graduate to cancer. So by the time you are bleeding after sex and having funny discharge its already cancer. When advanced and starts spreading, it eats into the urethra and makes a hole, and urine passes through the vagina. Or eats through the rectum and feaces pass through the vagina. The eaten up part falls as rotten meat and you have to go everywhere with a spray cz of the smell.
Well, the more partners you have the higher the risk of being infected with unsymptomatic virus
The more your partner sleeps with other women other than you, the more the likelihood of sleeping with an infected woman and bringing it to you.
Go for a papsmear test after every one year to check the presence of HPV in your system since it doesn’t have any symptoms until it becomes cancer
If surgery is needed and your cervix is removed, you can still bear children.


In addition, HPV Vaccine is administered to every woman in reproductive age. Go for it in public or a private hospital, it saves you a lot.
Some Public hospitals conduct cervical cancer tests for free on specific dates.
wale watu wa hui kitu si sabuni itaisha, be warned.

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