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Low Storage!

A problem not pleasing to any viewer. Media storage space is a critical issue to corporates and any other person, hence the invention of Floppy Disks, Compact disks and the most sophisticated flash drives. Fast quiz: What’s the unoccupied storage of your device right now? Probably not satisfactory for your daily to-dos. What’s better than expanding your media storage space for free?

Cloud storage. What in the name of naming is that? Well, I got you. Cloud storage has nothing to do with the white cotton-y sky features. It has a common characteristic with the visible clouds though, it’s out there somewhere;) As the name suggests, it provides some form of, though not limited to, storage. Cloud storage simply gives you access to virtual media storage and other high-end services through a network. Some of the common cloud Providers are: Microsoft and Google.

Let’s jump in to the fun stuff. Do you know that Microsoft and Google give you free 15 Gigabytes of cloud storage via your Outlook and Google accounts respectively? Yeah, you heard me right 15GB. Are you thinking what I am thinking? If not, hint; Imagine having 5 accounts. Take out your calculators folks…;)

To get started with:


  1.  Create an outlook email
  2.  Log in to OneDrive to access your cloud storage

 Google cloud storage:

(i). Create a google account (email)

(ii). Go to – You can also access this using the Google Driveand Google Photos Apps.

 (iii). Upload content

I know what you’re thinking: HOW DOES THAT HELP ME AS A STUDENT?

1. Increased Storage Space – Solved.

2. Neatness – Do you ever get tired of PDFs, Docs, photos, etc. carelessly lying all over your pc or phone’s drive that you are frustrated to the point of deleting them? Cloud storage helps you organize your documents and photos into folders and keeps them permanently. Now you got your permanent study units gallery!

3. Performance – Full hard drives cause lagging on your pc because of faster spin required. Your mobile phone also slows down no doubt. Good news, cloud storage keeps your operational speed up.

Now you’re up to date folks, see you next time for another tech hack!

Written by Aaron Rono


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