Complete Ice Cream

*Vicky the Billionaire*

If you were an ice cream flavor, which would you be and why?
Personally, I would like to be a mint ice cream. The aromatic, sweet and lingering cool effect in your tongue is indescribable and is definitely out of this world. I would want to be held by a strong and firm cone. I wouldn’t want to melt into the hands of my eater. Before I forget… I would want some chocolate and Oreo toppings. Am sure you are imagining what type of ice cream you would be and why. Heads up… the why is more important.

Using my ice cream theory, I will share some of my experiences so far as a first-year. Though we have not physically reported, most if not all of our minds are now a part of the Dekut family. The struggles we have had trying to conform to the e-learning mode definitely give us grounds to proudly say we are 3 months old Dekut students. We tried to be the mint flavor, which is appealing, sweet and wanted. We tried to stand alone and follow the process of orientation.

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Am sure you can guess where that took as; we ended up being garlic ice creams that taste terrible and are detested.

This skepticism was too much and something had to be done (Don’t worry I also googled the word ‘skepticism’). I figured out that we needed a cone to hold our fragile ice creams. The cone had to be strong.

Some of us had never interacted with not only webinar but also emails. Though I was sure most of us had interacted with Whats App. Therefore, one had to be created to provide a strong cone for us the fragile ice creams. This led to a great community of confused yet enthusiastic first years; the “Dekut 2020” Whats App group.

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The most dynamic group Whatsapp has ever seen. This showed the thirst for support that we as first-years had. Within 2 days the group was full! Many of us never knew that Whatsapp had a group limit of 257 members. The group of 257 confused people shared knowledge, freely interacted and became very skilled in the art of ‘e-learning’.

We understood when and where to be, what to do and where to do it. We are still vibrant and active. We share about 600 messages daily. This was truly a great cone for most of our ice creams. As you may wonder, will we still maintain the community in the physical school? We all hope to share tea, coffee, a swim or even some dinner. This is all dependent on my fellow students. Am sure together with my five admins: Debbie, Jumbe, Iantez, Amalia and Altair, we shall make the network grow. After all, instead of better glasses, your network gives you better eyes.

When we provide a great cone to the ice cream, it not only lasts longer but looks better. We now need to be made better by getting some toppings added onto us. We need great quality of education. Our degrees and diplomas must shake the job market and innovation industry. We ask for skills that will make us worth the papers. We are sure this will be possible by the end of our time in Dekut. We definitely need support from the university and our preceding students. We need resources and timely communication. When this is done we shall avail ourselves on time and get our education as expected.

To wrap it up, we are thankful for everything so far. We hope for a greater future and a great time once we physically join the great community of Dekut. With the correct cone (support), ice cream (quality) and toppings (network) we shall be sweet (successful) icecreams (people).

~Victor Mburu (Billionaire). Be sure to tune in next week for more.

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