Comrade Issues – HELB and Street Lights

The exams are upon us. We know that because the timetable is already out and we are scheduled to start on 5th of August so we have one more week. This is the time for some of us to start rushing to the bank to make long queues. However, HELB beneficiaries are in an uncertain situation because the government has claimed that it doesn’t have their money currently and will release it in September. To be allowed to sit for exams, you have to pay your fees so there is a risk that they will not sit for their exams.

Sometime last year, there was such an issue. Luckily, HELB beneficiaries with a fee balance of less than sh. 4000 were allowed to sit for the exam. So far, the school has not said anything about whether there will be such an arrangement. At the moment, a large number of students feeling uncertain about whether they get to sit for their exam.

The student leaders are working to ensure that the HELB money is released before the exams. It is possible for the money to be out before the end of this week. We will update you on this as soon as any development occurs. However, if you can clear the school fees, clear it in case of any delay.

In other unrelated news, the street lights from Greens to the Catholic Stage have been non-functional for a long time. Last week Saturday, they were inspected with the aim of repairing them. However, we are still waiting for the repairs to actually happen.

On Wednesday last week, the county government in collaboration with the school did the mapping of Nyeri View, Kahawa and Embassy for the purpose of the installation of street lights. We hope they will do it soon. This information is courtesy of Omwami Calistus, the Nyeri View – Embassy – Mathari Students Coordinator.

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    On the issue of helb some of the students have no other means of raising school fees apart from the helb money,,,, so the students leaders should ensure that the money is disbursed be4 exams to avoid inconveniences of students not sitting for the exams coz of helb delays,,….

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