Currently, comrades at Kirinyaga University are protesting againstĀ  insecurity. This follows after several comrades were attackedĀ  by uknown gang. One of them(BEN an actuarist) was stabbed severally leading to his death on the spot while the rest survived the injuries.

Its dope to be a comrade until its hard to be a comrade. We are not targets we are the future… The hate they give
We became a part you, the day we joined this school. The society should accept us as we are ..we are just here for our degree and we are gone..

Yet again a fallen solider a fellow comrade thanks to the insecurity around the campus …Justice must prevail ..comrades all over what’s the whole point of having a voice if you are silent when you shouldn’t be. In times of tyranny and injustice and the law oppresses the people the outlaw must take its place in history. Sometimes we do the right things and things still turn out wrongly but the key is to never stop doing right. Keep fighting #justice to our fallen solider

#Security for comrades=security for nation builders!!!


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