Creative Students Needed for UNESCO feature

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Dekut will be hosting the UNESCO chair in anticipatory social-technical systems. As part of this initiative, Dekut will be participating in the UNESCO global summit on futures literacy scheduled for December 2020. The university will be hosting a booth in which we will be displaying our commitment to being active in shaping our future. Dekut students will be given a chance to help in preparing materials for the exhibition booth. Interested students are required to forward their names to the Public Relations Office in Resource II – first floor. They can also contact Peris Wagura of the PR office on the number +254 732289656 or send an email to Interested students are asked to register urgently.

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To qualify, a student must be fluent in their mother tongue and must have the ability to relate to proverbs in their native language. Successful students will be featured on a video. Benefits of participation include a certificate of appreciation by the university and an opportunity to feature in the upcoming global summit on futures literacy and the discipline of anticipation. The discipline of anticipation concerns itself with acquiring knowledge about the future and finding use for this knowledge.

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According to Dr. Ramenga, who is in charge of the Institute of General Studies at Dekut, mother tongue helps develop literary and critical skills. As an important part of our native languages, African proverbs are passed on from one generation to another and are strong tools for socialization of the youth and preservation of the knowledge of our communities. They also help develop a sense of belonging, respect for self and moral discipline. Most importantly, they help develop a sense of our identity, which is important in knowing where we are going. By helping us know ourselves better, proverbs are important in helping us approach the future with confidence, which is one of the goals of the discipline of anticipation and future studies.

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