Crodscollopic {I just made that up}

There are so many intriguing things in life. Things such as a pink ferrari…

Oh wait, I wasn’t supposed to type that. Things such as marshmallow…


Well, that marsh-mallow-test is a thing and that it accurately tests your self-control…

It is said that there are two things that determine your success in life, intelligence and self-control; Guess which you can do the most about?

How about you as an animal, wait, do you get offended by me calling you an animal?

Well guess what? Sorry not sorry… You are! You are an animal, aren’t you? You are a creature and you are part of the ecosystem. Only with an advanced brain and language and ability to manipulate the environment and create monuments of technology. Better yet, you can distinguish between right and wrong, virtues and vices, you can determine the impact of your actions on other people’s feelings. So you are indeed a furless, non-adorable, paw-less, complicated, clothed brainy animal…

…That hasn’t unlocked the full potential of it’s fingers because it invented a spoon, and chopsticks!

How limiting!

Or as you would choose to say,

How cool!

Did you know that humans acquire health and robust immunity, not by taking care of themselves, but by taking very good care of the microbes inside of them?  Now, you may claim to be clean of germs and sanitized and impeccably sparkly… but you are biologically composed a network of 100 trillion germs inside your gut, you detty animal!

Only that, they don’t make you sick as you arrogantly claim. They in fact clench their teeth and go a long way to strain their very little arms and lilliputian muscles to adamantly fight for your survival.

But it is a transaction on their terms; you have to pay them what they want and you have pay them first. They desire that you collect their family members and bring them home. You have to consume bacteria and you will do just that. A matter of life and death.

Look at you now clenching your teeth and going a long way to strain your very giant arms and fleshy muscles to adamantly fight for their survival.  

You will do your research and shift into a gut friendly diet and lifestyle. You will put restrictions on unnecessary antibiotic usage. You will begin to take whole grains and fruits and root vegetables. You will take bacterial fermented milk. All that, to add friendly bacteria and support the life of the bacteria inside of you. And you will extricate yourself from junk and sugary foods because they kill your little army of soldiers. And in consequence, yourself. 

Let’s take a short break…


As you read this, you do realize that it reveals more about you to you than it does about me, right? I choose what to write, and what to reveal, but from your side, you have thoughts and feelings going on that you don’t really get to decide on. So you probably just realized that there’s something that you did not know , or that you have  an interest in knowing more about the body, probably that you love reading articles or that you don’t like my kind of writing. Probably that you are skeptical and that you’ll need affirmation and statistics before you can take any of this in… And that is so much feedback from you to you…

(slurps some tea)

For the last century, we have been waging an incidental war on our immunities, rather bacteria , which has led to their extinction and hence the upheaval of modern plagues and chronic diseases.  Lose-lose situation, not so desirable..

Yet, there is something much more desirable…  Seduction


Not in the narrow erotic sense of the word, yet if you are thinking of it in the narrow erotic sense of the word,

 I have good news for you,

I might as well just give you some hot tips

Like my finger nails dipped in hot water…

And I also have some bad news, in that, it reveals so much about you!

Moving on …

I’d like to think of life as a game…Mostly, because it is

And also because we spend our lives in perpetual constant seduction, consciously and unconsciously ,in order to acquire and maintain relationships, with things, situations and people.  To speak and to be heard, to cook and your food be eaten, to market and your goods be bought, to propose and to be accepted, to love and to be loved, to rock a baby to sleep and for them to drool in your arms.

An entire lot of transactions forming its entirety.

In determining people’s and situations’ unmet needs and meeting them more completely than they have ever been met before, we win ourselves some growth, and opportunities, and friends and life partners. In determining skills and features needed at a particular phase, we modernize, and retain effectivity but most especially we maintain interest and energy in human relations.

So now you are a dirty seducing animal! How baffling!

Is it also possible, that my writing is some kind of seduction?

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