Dance Like No One’s Watching

*By Mbatia Gachana*

Dancing is mostly taken as a form of expression for many only that these days it’s not a common way of expressing oneself – not as common as smiling and singing. On YouTube, TV, we often see professional dancers doing it so perfectly all in sync with the moves and even if we want to learn we can’t learn as fast. Since those perfect and sequential moves take days or even weeks in practice to master. Youths have formed dancing groups; which is really helping them in improving their talents and in many more other things in life.

Ever wondered why you’ll find a person obsessed with dancing and all he or she can say about dancing is ‘Dancing is life?’ It’s all about what dancing has made him accomplish in his or her own life leaving aside any financial gain received.

Aside from improvement in talents, dancing also gives one other benefits which include:
3.Peace of mind
4.Improvement in creativity etc


Discipline often comes when one is always punctual in doing the things you’ve planned for. Planning to dance whether it’s freestyle or in practice gives you discipline as a life skill which will go a long way in enhancing discipline even in other sectors such as education.


Going to the gym everyday and jogging every morning is good for your health. But dancing is capable of giving fitness to areas where gym and workout can’t. Adding dancing as part of your workout can give you an almost full package of fitness.

Relieving Stress

Dancing makes you tired and reduces stress about things that maybe piling up in your brains which may affect your life in a negative direction. Taking dancing as a stress reliever is a way to reduce all that tension which can pile up giving you the peace of mind you would want.

Enhancing Creativity

Dance is always evolving and as you create those moves you use creativity. Creativity becomes something in you and can also work in other areas of your life. Dance is also an art where anyone can create something extraordinary. People should dance like no one’s watching and just focus on themselves.

Song:Swae lee -Dance like no ones watching.

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