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It’s at six in the morning. She’s running. She wants to keep fit… “Why?” You might ask. “Why would she be running in the cold when she could be warm in bed?” And I might answer, “Who knows?”  Maybe she wants to have a flat tummy. Maybe there is a certain boy she saw jogging the other day and she wants to attract his attention. Or maybe she finds the view of the majestic Mt. Kenya in the morning breathtaking. The only problem is that she’s been running for a week now and she doesn’t know it yet but this is the last morning she’ll ever wake up to go jogging.

It’s morning in the student mess. He’s walking with not one… not two… but three halves of bread. As he walks by, a girl and a boy throw him curious looks and start talking about him in low tones. He is an object of interest to them. He sets the loaves on the table and quickly starts devouring them, with the aid of tea. He has a class in ten minutes so he’s got to try and hurry up. You see, the last time he ate was yesterday morning when he took the same meal at the same place.

It’s mid-morning. She’s watching a movie series on her laptop. Trust me, it’s all she ever does. She has a cat after lunch and a bunch of assignments due tomorrow. She could study for her cat. She could work on her assignments. But no… She’ll keep watching the series. And then she’ll eat. And then she’ll feel very tired. And then she’ll take a nap. And then she’ll wake up, make supper with her roommate, eat and fall asleep.

It’s lunch time. A group of seven is just from class and they are walking towards Boma. Brayo, in a very loud voice, is narrating the story of how he came late to the CAT this morning and still managed to answer all the questions. He used his phone and the stupid lecturer didn’t even detect a thing. One can tell that he feels like a hero. The group of seven will end up at their favorite restaurant. They will sit at their favorite table and they will each order their favorite meal. They will have their lunch talking and laughing: Brayo will forget about his breakup, Mercy will forget about her supplementary and the sh.800 she’s supposed to pay before Friday and Jonteh will forget the sh.10,000 he could have won on SportPesa yesterday if his multi-bet had not been spoiled by a certain team that wears red.

It’s just after lunch. They are a boy and a girl. They each have a black t-shirt with a golden quill logo on the front and a golden imprint on the back that says, “Inspire Greatness.” They are standing at the side of a path just outside the university gate trying to sell tickets for a play. They stop a couple. The boy in black and gold gives the couple a really great speech on why they should buy the tickets. The couple nods all through and at the end, the boy says, “It sounds awesome. How much?” “Only a 100.” “What???!!!! I thought you were selling them for 20 bob.” That same boy then proceeds to bet and lose sh.300 on his British Premier League team. NB: His team wears red.

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It’s a few minutes past five. There’s a group of about twenty young men in a field, chasing one ball. Half of them are doing it shirtless. It’s their way of differentiating between teams. The shirtless team conceded a goal first. Their bodies are sweaty. They are panting. They will run around till late past seven. They will only leave when they can no longer see each other clearly, let alone the ball. Some of them will go take a shower afterwards. But there’s one thing common to almost all of them: They will place their football boots and socks in one bag. They will open that bag tomorrow and use the same socks and boots. They will do it for a week or more, depending on whether they have games during the weekend. And when they see someone with clean socks, especially white socks, they’ll tell him to go join the girls’ team. To them, life without football is not worth living.

It’s towards seven. He’s on a skateboard. He tries a dangerous trick. It backfires and he almost falls. It would have been a bad fall. A very bad fall. We all say “Jesus!” And then he makes my day by going back to the starting point. He’s going to try his trick again. He seems eager to crack his head open and see what is inside. Maybe I’ll get to witness it so I slow down and watch him try it again as I enjoy the orgasmic taste of my second Chapo Smokie today. Unfortunately, he gets it right and I move on.

It’s at dusk. It’s been raining. This girl has a cold and is in her room. For some reason, she goes out into the mud and the cold and buys a U-Fresh worth 10 bob at a shop. She insists on getting the one that’s in the refrigerator. Is taking a freezing drink on a cold evening the best of ideas? She seems to think so. Is she sure that a U-Fresh is even safe to drink, seeing as it’s just a combination of chemicals? No. In fact, if she’s sure about anything, it’s that a U-Fresh cannot be entirely safe, especially not at that price but… there she is. And, in her defense, the cold, smooth, mango flavored U-Fresh feels heavenly in her mouth.

It’s just past ten thirty and a game has started. There is a crowd of guys in the student center. Their eyes are fixed on a single large screen at the front. Someone says something very offensive against the team in red. Someone else, taking it personally, rises to the defense of his team. However, he is unable to find any comeback and someone asks him, “Sasa unataka kulia?” The whole room laughs and he sits down, defeated. The guys are having the time of their lives watching the team in read being thrashed. What two of them don’t know is that as they walk towards their hostels in Nyeri View, way past midnight, they’ll be robbed. In fact, one of them won’t be able to get out of bed that whole week because of the injuries he will sustain.

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It’s almost eleven. This adorable couple is walking along a murram road bathed in yellow light from street lights. They are walking slowly, talking about the weather and about their friend Rose who got a tattoo and about how hateful Bensoudah the gate woman is. His arm is around her and they look perfect. On getting to the Catholic Hostels, even though it’s chilly outside, they stay there. They are laughing loudly about something and a boy passing by throws a jealous glance at them. “It can’t be that funny,” he thinks but what he is really thinking is, “I wish there was someone I could annoy single people with.”

It’s midnight. She has a big ass. Sorry but it really is the first thing that comes to mind when you think about her – It’s that good. And she has a boyfriend – he’s light-skinned, has dark, tall hair and a handsome face. It’s a starry night outside but they’re beneath a shade. It’s silent all around them but they’re noisy – you can hear them laughing from a mile away. Beneath the shade is a pool table. They’re playing pool at midnight under the stars and I swear if happiness was a picture; that would be it.

It’s at two. She can’t sleep and is up crying. He broke her heart by breaking up with her out of the blues. He made her believe it was all her fault. She hates herself. What she doesn’t know is that he has been cheating on her for some time. She’ll cry every night for a couple of weeks. But she’ll find out about the cheating. And then she’ll start posting those memes – you know them, right? The ones that say, “I love the woman I’m becoming” and other such cries for help. And then she’ll start posting really good photos of her ass. And then… She’ll be back.   

It’s at three in the night. This guy gets out to go use the toilet. He has just finished watching a movie. He has watched three tonight. As he walks, he hears something and stops. He listens carefully to the strange sounds he is hearing. Is that someone crying? And then it hits him. He is right outside Cameline’s room. And Cameline had received a visitor that day. From the sound of things, the visit could not have gone better. He stands there for a moment, mouth wide open. And then he thinks, “What if someone finds me listening?” and he hastily moves away.

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Share your favorite memories about DeKUT on the DeChat App. If you’re yet to download it, click here to get it from Play Store.

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