DeKUT Students Back to School

The Ministry of Education, on Tuesday 29th September, directed that all final year university students report to school on Monday 5th October. Consequently, on Wednesday 30th September, the Office of the Registrar notified all 4th and 5th year DeKUT students to report to school on 5th October. Exams for final years are scheduled for the end of October, with some courses starting on 21st and others on 28th. Finalists have been given two weeks to report to school and one week for revision. A number of them have already shown up in Nyeri.

Prior to the Ministry’s Directive on 29th of September, DeKUT had already rolled out a phased resumption to enable finalists sit for their exams. Finalists from Nursing and courses in the School of Science have been in school since 21st of September. They could only stay in two hostels: Sunrise for gents at sh 4500 per month and Catholic for ladies at sh 4000. This was to enable the enforcement of a 10 day quarantine. It was initially problematic as some students could not afford the rent. Such students were required to write a letter to the dean but were later allowed to stay in their hostels of choice. They have been preparing for their exams, which are scheduled to start on 5th October.

The school cafeteria has been open to cater for students who cannot afford to cook or eat outside. Other school facilities like the library, however, have been inaccessible. Access will likely be granted after the 10 day quarantine. Internal hostels have remained closed and will act as isolation centers. Ministry of Health directives have been in force. It is mandatory for students to wear masks and to sanitize constantly. In the two hostels officially in use, every morning, the temperature of every student is taken.

A number of challenges await the students who are resuming, chief among them being school fees and rent. The registrar’s office is yet to release official communication about school fees and it remains to be seen whether students will have to clear all outstanding fees before sitting for exams. Students in several courses have fees arrears for more than one semester.

As for rent, according to the hostel, students will have to clear outstanding amounts. In some hostels, tenants are being required to pay a reasonable fee like sh. 500 for each month they have been at home. However, in others, students will be required to pay all the rent since March. In such hostels, the landlords have added their padlocks to the doors to ensure their tenants do not get access to their belongings unless they pay up.

Meanwhile, first years continue to study online. They have completed some units like Philosophy and Communication Skills, for which they have pending exams.

All first years are encouraged to apply for HELB first time to make life in campus swift. Magenta is committed to ensuring all students benefit from HELB services without encountering huge application cost and procedures

Also expected to be online, depending on what the ECK decides, are the annual DeKUTSO elections. Successful applicants to the Electoral Commission of Kimathi were announced and have been sworn in this week. They are expected to begin their operations soon.

Campaigns for delegate positions and Dekutso posts are yet to officially start. However, individuals have been announcing their intentions to vie on social media platforms. To help comrades make informed decisions in the ballot, DekuTrends will be gathering information about those vying for various posts and presenting it to our readers. Those vying should reach out to us through their class reps or by emailing us at

DekuTrends also takes this opportunity to stand with Franklin Manyara, the Dekutso Sec Gen, whose father recently passed away. We join the DeKUT comrade fraternity in sending our condolences and prayers to Manyara and his family. The Sec Gen has been at the forefront in the service of comrades during the past year. As a show of support, comrades are easing the financial burden of the send off by sending contributions to Edwin Munene at 0706240646.

We send our condolences to the Sec Gen

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