Dirty Water Being Used to Sanitize in DeKUT

Some time after all finalists came back to DeKUT, the hand sanitizers at the gates were replaced with water taps and liquid soap. Initially, the security guards would spray some of DeKUT’s famous alcohol based hand sanitizer onto each comrade’s hands.

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The sanitizer, made by our very own Industrial Chemistry department, had brought DeKUT quite some fame in media houses at the beginning of the pandemic. DeKUT was lauded as one of the few institutions of higher learning in the country that was actually helping in the fight against covid.

On a different note, the alcohol in the sanitizer would leave a funny smell on your hands and some students reported going to their lecturers and being asked whether they were drunk, only for it to be discovered that the sanitizer was to blame.

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With the increasing number of students in school, the guards must have found it more efficient to replace the hand sanitizers with taps and liquid soap. Either that or the school thought it would be better if they sold the sanitizers they were making instead of wasting them on students. But on the bright side, the soap we are using now doesn’t make your invigilator think that you’re going to the exam room drunk.

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Everything has been fine, until worrying photos of the water we have been using to keep corona at bay emerged. We are supposed to use soap and clean water but it turns out that DeKUT is not so keen on the clean water part. The photos attached show the water being used at the gate from Bomas.

The images have raised concerns that in a bid to fight off corona, we will end up infecting ourselves with other diseases. But hey, better Cholera or Bilharzia than the scary rona, right?

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