Enforcement of Covid Regulations in Dekut

*By Kimathi Junior*

If you’ve been in Dekut for some time, then you have seen a security guy with a hat and glasses who goes around school in a motorcycle. He also has a mustache. I think he tries to look like one of those cool cops in the movies. As for whether he succeeds, I don’t know. Anyway, he must be a senior security personnel because not just anyone gets to ride a motorcycle around school.

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This week, multiple students have reported being confronted by the motorcycle guy because they were not wearing masks on school premises. As it is, the masks are a formality for comrades. We wear them when we are going past the gate to please the guards. As soon as we are past the gate, we take them off and put them away in our pockets like handkerchiefs. The motorcycle guy and his fellow security guards must feel like we are making fools out of them. And that is why they have been pretty strict of late. They will walk around in places like outside the mess and if they spot you without a mask, they will give you quite the lecture. If you behave in a manner likely to suggest that you are being rude, then you may find yourself in real trouble like “kupelekwa mbele.”

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Apparently, this was going on some time ago in hotels. Immediately comrades came back to school, it was a requirement that each table have only one person at a time. The motorcycle guy would go to places like Shirikisho and enforce the rule. Currently, it is a requirement that students at a hotels maintain at least 1.5m between each other. We have not received reports of this new rule being enforced. Anyway, It is encouraging that the school is that dedicated to our safety. Meanwhile, the water we are using to sanitize ourselves at the Bomas gate continues to be dirty and we continue to use it. May God keep us from contracting funny water borne diseases.

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In other news, the school gate at the Catholic side has been opened, which is very good as comrades had been covering an extra long distance just to get from Catho to School of Business. We had also been informed by the management at VIP that the price of mix would go down to sh. 10 once the nearby gate was opened. If the comrades’ favorite hotel decide to keep their promise, then it will once again be possible to eat a full meal at sh. 20 only. I’m talking about rice mix – which never disappoints at VIP.

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We anticipate more good news because according to our sources, the fare to and from town will officially be reduced to sh. 30 this Friday. Apparently, our able Dekutso officials went to talk to the likes of Nyekicha and it was agreed that after student traffic to and from town resumed normalcy, the price would be brought down. From the stage, matatus will continue carrying 9 passengers as per the covid regulations. However, on the trip to town, they will carry as many passengers as they can get, which is what they have actually been doing so far. Let’s wait for Friday and see.

The school buses are not expected to be functional until 26th of October, when the second cohort of students – 2nd and 3rd years – are expected to come back to school.

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And probably the best news of all is that the much anticipated Dekut Comrades Choice Awards (CCA 2020) will start the call for nominations this week. We encourage you to stay alert so that you can submit your names for nomination in case you are interested in any category. Tell us in the comments section below whether you would like us to include categories such as “Best hostel of the year” and “Best hotel of the year” in the CCA categories. For a list of the current categories, stay tuned to your class group, where the class reps will be forwarding all information related to the CCA 2020, including calls for submission of names for nomination.

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