Family Over Career?

*Dorothy Orina*

As a woman would you take your name down from the door, would you take that 360 turn and swirl on your heels, never to walk back into that office again?

Would you scribble down your very neat signature – with the crossing line and the dots – on that resignation letter and flash it before some big eyes, bah-bye!


For what, you ask?


And not for Corona, for Family

To take care of the home and the kids.

To some, this might sound as an insult. It might sound derogatory, contemptible even.

You cannot bring yourself to visualize this.

Your brain can’t seem to form a picture. Not a coherent one, anyway.

Let’s look at it this way: If asked to choose between a succeeding career and a fallen out home; and a closely packed home with a fallen career. What would you go for? A balance?

“A balance cannot be that hard” But well, is that really true?

How much percentage would you give to either side?

50? Is 50% of you enough for your family? Is it for your Career

Or are you immune to a burnout? To give 100% to both.

How much of your personal life should you sacrifice for the sake of your salary? Well perhaps less than you might think. Very few people actually, in college, explicitly state that they plan on stopping work to raise children. It is considered a lowly place, but is it?

An entire chunk of a human being? Lowly?

The vitality of its foundation? Lowly?

I think we emphatically underestimate things not at the very least worthy of the underestimation.

So we’ll let nannies look out for our little chunks of human beings while we ever so frantically chase the sun and moon and alien ships to advance in our careers? And we’ll be very okay with that?

And we’ll say that if men won’t leave their work and stay at home, that shouldn’t be asked of us as well?

But who’s asking who?

Isn’t it an individual’s decision? Rather, shouldn’t it be?

Well, this might not sound that bad when I say it’s applicable for men too. According to research and statistics, those (men and women) that prioritize their family earn more on average than those who put career front and center.


Simple. Sanity

By prioritizing your health and the people who love and support you, you garner refreshment, confidence and presence at work. In consequence, you are more likely to flourish.

Isn’t Lebron James very well on top of the charts now? Did you know that he gave up career advancement for family?

Here is what he says – “I started thinking what it would be like to raise my family in my hometown. I looked at other teams, but I wasn’t going to leave Miami for anywhere except Cleveland. The more time passed, the more it felt right. This is what makes me happy.”

There’s Rick Moranis of “Ghostbusters”, Lily Allen, Shania Twain, Jessica Simpson…

Far fetched?

Let me bring you nearer

Janet Mbugua – “Sometimes life forces you to reboot whether you want to or not. Am I scared? Sure. A little. Anxious? Yes. Excited? Very! Broadcast has not just been my bread and butter, but the Ying to my Yang as far as career goes. My go to. My comfort zone. Stepping out of all of that familiarity, albeit momentarily, can shake ones equilibrium a little… but that’s not unusual. But, I’m a closet life-ist who’s ready to own that. Life is too short. Better to live it absolutely!”

Did you know that Janet Mbugua is a feminist?

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