Femi One’s Freshers’ Bash Causes Trouble due to Weed

Towards the end of last month, we posted a story about students who had been arrested in association with weed. We’ve been doing some digging to get to the root of the matter. As we reported, the raid was organized by school security officials. A question we didn’t answer last time is why the school would concern itself with activities of students outside the school premises.

Apparently, the whole issue started at this year’s Fresher’s Bash, the one starring Femi One. It went down at the Freedom Hall. There was a lot of disturbance and chaos at the event which provoked the school. Somehow, they got the idea that all the extra trouble was caused by students who were high on weed. They therefore decided to initiate a crackdown, which resulted in the arrests that we reported.

The school, using information from its sources, waited to get confirmation on the presence of the ‘kingpin’ and then raided his hostel room. Unluckily for the student, he and around five of his associates were caught red-handed, smoking weed. It was a surprise attack so they basically froze and couldn’t do much. They just watched as the school officers ransacked the place, finding 39 pieces of weed, all of it worth three hundred and ninety shillings.

Meanwhile, their phones had already been confiscated. One unlucky fellow was in desperate need of weed at the time and called his dealer who was the main target of the operation. The call was picked by one of the security officers, who gave the guy the go ahead to come for the weed. The guy didn’t notice anything wrong and proceeded to deliver himself right into the waiting arms of the security officers.

By this time, the police had been called. They came in a land-rover and the seven students were taken to Kabiruini police station, where they stayed until evening. The other six were lucky because the school was only interested in the guy that they saw as the kingpin. So they were released, leaving the kingpin, who was transported to the Central Police Station in town. He spent the night there.

The very next morning, he was arraigned in court and the charges against him read. The main charge, brought against him by the State, was trafficking of narcotics. The date of the trial was set to 12th August, just about a month from now. The bail amount was set to sh. 100, 000 and our guy was then transported to King’ong’o prison, where he would spend his time either until the bail money was posted or until the trial date.

According to our sources, the bail was posted last week and our comrade released for the time being. On coming back to his hostel, he found that he had already been replaced and had to find another place to stay. He will now wait for the one month to elapse, unsure of how things will turn out.

We are keeping tabs on the story and will inform you as soon as we get wind of any new developments.

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