Feminist Friday: What is Feminism?

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On this infinite day of the universe, well, because tomorrow becomes successful in being a higher infinity than today, I happen to have a floating scum on my waters…

What makes the loudest snap when you hear the word ‘Feminism?’

Probably a STRONG woman with STRONG opinions.

Probably Aargh! the old boring tale again. Who wants to brush their teeth?

Probably… Do me I do you! What a man can do a woman can do better!! Or twice better!! Or thrice!! Or four times!! Or five times…

Don’t mind me, don’t pardon me, no, these are just my mere efforts, towards a higher infinity, knowledge-wise, anyway.

We’ll learn the numbers later. (Hopefully not on our cheeks)

Chimamanda Adichie – “We should All be Feminists”

“Why the word feminist? Why not just say you are a believer of human rights, or something like that? Because that would be dishonest. Feminism is, of course part of human rights in general – but to choose the vague expression of human rights is to deny the specific and particular problem of gender. It would be a way of pretending that it was not women who have, for centuries been excluded. It would be a way of denying that the problem of gender targets women”

Trevor Noah – ”I never thought to call myself a feminist because of branding. I had this skewed idea of Feminist: I thought it meant being a woman who hates men. When I read Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie’s We Should All Be Feminists, I was like, ‘oh, this is what mum taught me. This is simple. I don’t understand why everybody is not this.”

Obama – ” The progress we’ve made in the past 100 years, 50 years, and yes, even the past 8 years has made life significantly better for my daughters than it was for my grandmothers. And I say that, not just as a president but also as a Feminist”

More than a century ago, a handful of women set out to achieve a cultural and philosophical revolution. A liberation for women from the supposed shackles of male oppression, of the injurious patriarchal paradigm. They wrote books, published articles, marched in the streets, lobbied congresses, taught colleges and in multi-faceted ways, managed to capture the minds and hearts of millions, and currently billions, of course, billions, of women. They redefined what it meant to be a woman and flushed down the drain widely held views of a woman’s place and mission.

So what does it actually mean to be a woman?

Another gender that is entirely and wholly equal to the man?

Equal opportunities, Equal rights, non-biased hiring practices, equal pay scales and wow! Women can compete equally and fairly with men. How impressive! Not less competent, not worse off , EQUAL! There should be jubilation in that, yes?

I mean, an achieved objective, a liberated woman, a proud husband, kids with fine ogles filled with admiration.

YET, is this the picture that snapped loudest?

I think, not.

The one that forms is more unsavory, it can’t easily go down the throat without being shoved by a toilet broom, ugh!

Fights, in-congruence, aversion, abrasiveness, aggression. I’d say despicable.

The question is, has evolved feminism caused more harm than good?

Has the fight become inordinate? Undesirable?

Have we gone past equality and into sub-version?

Can we become feminists who don’t revile men? Who do not get absolved in bigotry? Who do not claim so much independence because of insecurities, rather because we earned it? Who don’t fight for positions just for the mere fact that we are women but because we are capable? Who don’t fight to prove that women are better than men, but rather, having gained level ground, we can resort to harmony; to the appreciation of our differences and living to support each other.

Let us fight for the oppressed, let us uplift women who don’t hold so much value to themselves. Let us fight the rigidness of the few that still strongly and adamantly uphold male chauvinism . The greatest mistake however is taking a plate of bad food and vowing to never eat again because food is terrible!


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