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Sipost sana,,ni kuwapeleka na rieng!!! I recently got something that some women encounter in their life,, A BLACK EYE..(at least in this case it was not from my husband mbikos Yesu ni Bwana..feel me?

Speaking of a tricky weekend and an even trickier Monday bana..wuee me and my rende tumetii sana these past few days yoh! But ni life. There’s always that crazy weekend that y’all shall remember and laugh as I am right now..well hope it stays that way.

Even trickier I do not know which defoo whispered to my ears about Horoscopes so I be going crazy about Libra shit and stuff like dat..some actually turned to be true..(implied is the word).

It would kinda tell me about the day before it started and interestingly.. There was sorta doom. I remember someone telling me once that your dark energy might cause the same to others and I don’t know if I believed him..

Nways they say music is the healer of the soul and I apparently learnt long walks help to clear your head so you can imagine the places I’ve been in these Nyeri coffee plantations and gasping at God’s handiwork while at it because Nyeri hill quite catches the eye..

So y’all should try it but sasa Nairoberry,, ukatembeza ovyo ovyo unaibiwa ama kutiishwa fom,,but they have parks and malls and money for them anyways,,not ma problem. So some Chronixx vibe will get this article done..

Nways for my first cat nmeamua kuenda kiShahidi but I njust know Kimwatu will fuck me up design anajiskia .(HE SURE DID NKIPATA 15/50 NI MAULANA)…Haha I will not disclose my marks but the lecturer said it was the poorest performed CAT he had ever marked (I honestly laughed at how angry he was) ..but imma read (or so I tell myself).

But at the same time,, I aced another so I be Shahidi still but nacheza chini.. so HEY RONNE TIME IS NOT BY YOUR SIDE,,SECURE YOUR FUTURE RYYNA OR TII FOM AFTER NEXT the same time “secure.”? Sounds like rights to property or?? So in a way I’m concerned or rather should be because I’m not here for much longer no more..Gotta make it count. That ‘property’ means it worth it.

.so..yeah I really take this opportunity to tell my Fourth year classmates doing Bsc Gis and Remote Sensing and Fifth years doing Geomatics first Take heart my dears juu mtatii…haha you’ve started your projects and soon you will graduate.. (hopefully IGGRES Department gives you many uppers less lowers bana mbikos we also need these paipers for those wanaeza enda for their masters soon or scholarships majuu.. (eiiimen)..close the brackets! )

My heart also goes to the rest of the FINALISTS around the school..should I include wasee wa masters or not?? Naah hao ni machopi..watajisort.

So as you can see I have very high hopes in each of you ( but mostly mbogi yangu)..kama tunajuana yaani. I’m also praying for you.(lies I forget) but I was thinking of doing it anyway..

I especially hope my first year crush is having a bittersweet time.. you’ve got brains love so crush it..(no pun intended) haha,,,and all the friends I made in first year that are gonna go and leave my BROKE ass in school.. I believe in all of you..afterall you made it that far what is a project?

A project is a mf that comes once in a life time to stress you but at the same time is good for your ego and CV and professional intelligence that you will need in your job btw..after you show it who’s boss. I did one in form four and it expanded my knowledge and thinking maybe ?? but I don’t have much time before the board of examiners ask me for a project!!! Si ntatii but yea..inabidi kieleweke for the moment.

Hang in there tho ..But ata Nyash husemanga light up and free yua mind…mi sijui kulight up ni nini labda ni kusoma bible ama kufua nguo bana.but ata Afco wameongeza viti bana…

I remember going there wit a C.U friend who had to have one shot for the lord..take long walks also, In short, free your mind a bit with whatever then rudisha focus kwa mbuku for a minute..Apparently that includes watching that hot Matisha video by Zero Sufuri..dzeem… but sijui mbona tunaambiwa sai..kama machopi wamekua wakitumia..all along .hahaha dat’s funny even.

But I know y’all will do just fine and if you do, so will I next year. You are good soldiers anyways so I know I have surveyors and GIS specialists in my circle, Tourism proffessionals ,procurers( kina Emma and Jonte) and the rest. So I’m in the right place..Nothing feels better than this..Khalid.

Mimi btw huwezi niringia kuhusu kua finalists! Yoh! I’m good with next hurry in nitoke huko nje sai alafu?? Niorewe?? Btw someone told me I’m lying that I do not have a twin was after we saw THE MEME OF THE DAY..ati..”..i know you think I’m bisexual and that’s where you go wrong…!!!” Eii we agreed me and my PARADISE team that ni noma sana.

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(kuna Paradise na Babylon) but Babylon was attacked joh!Hatusemi kitu!
So you ugly ass bitches be calling each other twins be spoiling for the real twins yoh! Ukweli usemwe. Won’t say her name tho kama humjui..she is AWESOME and very kind..

Back to finalists..make us proud.
By “us” I mean the villagers too who do not know if Remote sensing is a place or an object. But I came to realize that next year as Vc Kioni will be giving you the “ Power to read” even the society will lowkey be giving you ‘that power’.

I mean every one who has believed in you (even tho tulisema mtumange kakitu ya maquora cause the presha here including peer presha may be overwhelming..) and helped you in this campus journey..from that friend who bought you lunch one day, or mwingine you decided to drown your sorrows to time ya mastress mbikos WINTER IS COMING..

we all are giving you the ‘power to read’ apparently ..for you to go out there, get a job (God -willing) and live happily ever after….so bloody READ man!

For me for example was a Unicorn actually. From a friend..I just couldn’t believe that it had real hair..

Being a FINALIST ni kazi , doesn’t mean the end of the world, it just means an adventure..that requires your time focus energy so drink some coffee and sober up. That I believe is the right MINDSET..

The RIGHT MINDSET makes your brain REASON RIGHTLY if there’s a word like that, that’s why you find someone will still get A’s in that class as we ahem!! I don’t know what we do really but we TRY alaaar! Some credit for that.. And since Kenya ni connections si mkipata majob mtu-connect ivo ivo iende chain?

Two people may be of the same IQ or even twins like my case,, but reason really differently from each a good mindset helps you reason correctly and prolly focus maybe?

While some one else may be a bit laid back at the same moment. But I trust that Y’ALL WILL MAKE IT!! If it means prayers we shall pray for you all. But play your role, with little pressure I hope.

When we make it just make sure you look spectacular in your gown cause you freaking worked for spectacular I mean sexy for the ladies..i mean..this society should know that ghels skuizi READ also.

.Speaking of reading,,I need new pair of spectacles.. (I got them). so I need to READ also.

Your mindset is your most powerful tool to unlock your potential ~ Eric Worre ~

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