First Year Chronicles With Debbie, Week 2

*Deborah Wambui*

Luke 18:1-8 talks about the parable of the persistent widow and judge. We all know how this widow went to the judge’s door on a daily basis until the judge got tired of being bothered and she got justice. So why did I quote this verse?

Previously, I had mentioned of how we never had bundles. What did we do? We bothered the registrar until we got our share of bread. I guess we should all have our voices heard and not shy away from speaking it out.

So attending class lately to be honest has been impeding. You log into a class, and as we say he be (cutting-cutting) ha ha. What you hear is “can you hear me?” all the time. This has been so frustrating. But then what can we do? We are just subordinates.

Away from that let me give you the real tea haha. So what has been happening apart from books? We have been fervently waiting for the Dekut Elections something which is very new to us. Students are anticipating to cast their votes and the question is “when are these elections?”

We pray and hope that we will have a Dekutso that will understand pretty well and express our grievances to the administration. And we also pray that they will be guided by God too. haha

Don’t forget to join me next week as I share my journey through First Year with you.

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